Lucky for us, my MAN has skills

Being the intellectual that I am and seeing as how I haven’t yet acquired the needed skills to survive this world without modern amenities, I married an intellectual man with skills.

I knew he could cook – second date he made me an outstanding dinner – I’m not that fond of cooking, so that was good.

I knew he was athletic, soccer, football, baseball, surfing, skating, biking.

My man is talented.

I knew he was good at chess – good enough to not lose to my bro-in-law every time – and that is good.

But here are a few things I didn’t see he was good at until after our wedding:

He is a great daddy

That was a relief

He is musical. Guitar, Ukulele, and Brass

He was invited to play in a community orchestra in Cabool, MO with the      STARS Foundation.

his particular favorite is the Tuba.

He played on a small Texas high school football team, which meant he played offensive line, defensive line and marched at half-time with the marching band.

on a side note, he can hold his breathe a long time.

with my brother and their catch

If things got bad, he could always put food on the table, no joke. After this next picture, he fried some frog legs, and they tasted good (I just don’t eat fried food).

got him…

well, years of practice will make you good too.

He is so manly

Well, how can a man be this perfect you ask? He isn’t perfect, there are a few things he doesn’t do well – yet – laundry, dishes and generally cleaning up….

but that’s why our marriage is a partnership. Over time, he will teach me some new skills and I’ll teach him some skills I have learned.

Someday we will both be perfect, until then, we’ll just help one another out.

5 thoughts on “Lucky for us, my MAN has skills

  1. I was grossed out by the frog whatever it was, the brain? It helps your marriage too when focusing on the other person! Cute blog!

  2. Loving the pics . . . he is super talented . . . It’s neat to see this side of your life because instead of seeing you just around I get everything that happens in between : )

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