Shoulder Angels

“I am your Shoulder Angel John”

My brother and his friends are a big fan of Studio C on BYUTV and “Shoulder Angel” is a sketch that they frequently quote (personally, one of my favorites is Blind Date, who doesn’t love Harry Potter?).

During a lunch break from working on his Eagle Project, Brother and friends entertained the group with their rendition of Shoulder Angel.

climbing from one shoulder to the next

Brother climbed from one shoulder to the next, trying not to touch the ground…. the crowd was laughing and it was a nice break from a chilly morning full of hard work.

The eagle project was cleaning an old theatre in Willow Springs, MO.  The STARS FOUNDATION does many of their productions in this theatre and my brother has been a part of many, most recently Jungle Book KIDS. So it only seemed natural that he would want to help organize a prop and costume room.

“you leave me no choice….”

I will admit, the only reason I drove the 40 minutes to Willow Springs was the Pizza Americana across the street from the theatre, they make the best Barbecue Chicken pizza with pineapple….and there you have it, the shallow truth.

I have no doubt, judging by the number of cameras and iphones present, there will be a few blog posts or facebook mentions regarding this bit of entertainment.  I really love spending time with my family and other good people

Thank Goodness I went though, I might have missed out on this little gem. Happy Saturday Folks! Remember to hug and kiss your loved ones. See you next week.

3 thoughts on “Shoulder Angels

  1. “Shoulder Angel” was one of the best parts of the day – though, I must admit, the costume area was looking awesome when I had to leave!

  2. It really turned out AWESOME and everyone did a great job . . . It was a lot of hard work, but we had tons of fun! I LOVE STUDIO C and Shoulder Angel is one of my favorites. I laugh every time they preform it for us . . . : D

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