“Money can’t buy taste, obviously”

“roll out” of bed and go, that’s my MO (mode operation)

I can’t help but feel like a 17 year old girl stuck in this aging body, hence the stretchy pants, DC shirt and doo rag….where does the time go? Did you notice the holy (not sacred, but holed) shoes? They are my favorite and I can’t toss them out, I have even sewed them shut once already…I even repaired my other TOMS because I wore them out too.

Sadly, I would say it cost a lot of money to look this homely. Most moms who post “What I Wore” look fabulous and it hardly cost them a thing. I have become one of those “money can buy taste” people. Le sigh.

Goal for the 2013 year? teach son how to dress well, even if I don’t.

I do however, like to dress other people up in my clothes and take photos of them:

Sister in law to be

Shirt Anne Taylor, under shirt is Shade, Belt is Gap, skirt is Alpine

My cousin, who

graciously takes

photos for me

from time to time

dress is banana republic, shirt is down east outfitters and scarf was a gift

My friend who is contagiously happy

2 thoughts on ““Money can’t buy taste, obviously”

  1. I’m lovin your style. I’m the same way . . when something finally gets worn out I feel like my life is going to end . . .I don’t want to just get rid of it . . .I have to try and save it or replace it in some way . . .lol! Love the pics you took : D Super Pretty!

  2. I love all your models! And so modestly attired. What you really need is a patron who will publish a magazine of these modest outfits and pay to keep it on the rack next to the check-out line in grocery stores. With uplifting stories of girls and women to make us feel good about our different body types! Some positive change in the world : )

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