How to be Thankful for early Good-Byes?


Early good-byes are bittersweet. No one likes a trip cut short or going home when the sun goes down, but when it’s time to go, we say good-bye, even though we don’t feel ready. The sweet part comes from the time we spent together.

I didn’t spend endless hours with Madeline Rose, but we did spend birthdays, holidays, some summer days and even Homecoming taking photos together. She was extended family. She came to my wedding shower with her mother and sisters, she attended my wedding reception. I could always count on Maddie to “like” my photos or posts. She is kind.

Madeline is beautiful, inside and out.

Thank you for letting me capture your smiles and for sharing your life. I know you’re still smiling.

Your absence is felt.

2 thoughts on “How to be Thankful for early Good-Byes?

  1. I know what you mean . . . I always hate saying goodbyes . . . they are the worst : ( Even to the ones I live only a few minuets away from . . .

    1. unfortunately, this Madie passed away two days before Thanksgiving. Those kind of good-byes are really difficult. When I told my husband, he asked, “which Maddie was it?!” very hard.

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