Dear Younger Self

I’ve been sleepy for the last seven or eight months and I selfishly choose sleep over most things, including food. It made me think, “if I could go back in time and tell my younger self some things, I would tell myself to sleep now because it’s going to be rare when you get older.”

That got me thinking, “what else would I tell my younger self? What would you tell your younger self?”

Dear Little Self:

You are smart, don’t ever question that.

Don’t be afraid to share your talents with others.

Your family members are the most important people in your life, remember that and treat them as such.

Don’t eat peanut butter, eggs or drink milk, that is what causes your eczema.

Don’t fear the unknown, the Lord will light your way.

Your husband is five years younger than you, so he needs time to grow up too.

Don’t run in the ocean, you’ll step in an underwater trench and break your foot.

Wear boots when you go camping, you will get bit by a poisonous snake.

Save yourself money in high school by doing your own dishes instead of paying your two younger sisters to do them for you…. do the dishes when you’re supposed to and you wont end up with dishes four months straight.

Be kind to mean people, they are hurt inside.

Don’t be selfish, let other people go first, even if you don’t get a turn.


Be a better friend, because life is hard for everyone.

Go to bed earlier, staying up all night is overrated.

You wont learn how to “butter-slide” on the wakeboard during the summer of 2005, save yourself from the concussion.

Stop water skiing after you tear your ankle in summer 2004, it’s not worth that last ride.

Listen to that still small voice more often, and yourself less.

Follow all those “do gooder” ideas you have ever had in your life, even if you never see the fruits.

You were right, the Lord loves you more than you will ever know and He hears and answers your prayers.

One more thing, practice the piano more often.

Just some things I wish I had known.

Hug and Kiss your loved ones, have a happy Monday! Tootles

6 thoughts on “Dear Younger Self

  1. Great advice. Even if you didn’t know these things then, it helps that you’re aware of them now. Still so many adults who have their ears, eyes and hearts closed to the joys of the Spirit.

  2. I would tell myself a lot of things. Unfortunetly we learn more experiencing life. It makes me want to do the same exercise just for fun though!

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