Life’s Silver Lining

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind  trip to Texas, where my sister and her family live and my husband’s entire family on both sides.

We love time with family. I would be a lonely person without family, it’s good to know they are ALWAYS mine.

Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed two big feasts.

At noon, we ate outside in the lovely Texas weather, surrounded by nature. How could you plan a better afternoon? Family, Food, Nature. My mother-in-law’s parents – Gregre and Papa – live in the country, with a big garden and animals that settles up right next to the Sam Houston National Forest.

Now I usually don’t like goats milk, it’s too “goaty” for me, but Gregre’s goats milk is the tastiest, creamiest milk I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.

I don’t eat fried food either, but Papa is a man’s man and fried up a huge turkey injected with seasonings and water, you haven’t tasted turkey, until you have tasted Papa’s turkey.

It seems that in this world, with so much turmoil and grief, there are silver linings and mine is family.

For those of you who don’t have the large, supportive family that I have, I extend my arms to you and invite you to come and stay with mine…I have always wanted to adopt.

After saying goodbye a little too soon to the Maternal Grandparents, we gathered into the In-Laws truck and headed further south to visit with the Paternal side for a dinner feast.

Although, I have only been married into the family for a year and a half, I have never felt like a stranger amongst my husband’s families, they have opened their homes and lives to me and spoiled my baby with attention.

My Husband’s aunt always has a nice pre-dinner snack and drink table, which helps keep the “cranky hungeries,” the guys go outside to throw a football and chat. I later joined them outside for some ping-pong.

After dinner, some of the kids had Baby laughing so hard for five minutes straight, he started coughing and vomited the entire contents of his stomach all over my mother-in-law, himself and the wood floors.

I went home that night with loads of photos and memories.

Someday, I envision those type of days shared with my children and grandchildren, I could think of nothing better.

You are all invited.

2 thoughts on “Life’s Silver Lining

  1. I don’t think I could live without family or friends either. They play such an important part in my life and I always love when we get together for special occasions or just to have fun. You look like you all had tons of fun together . . .Miss you!

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