Koko and the Tenant


Our little family stopped in Edmond, OK to visit Koko and her Tenant, my Grandad.  The home they live in used to belong to Grandad and my lovely Nana. When Nana passed away from cancer in 2009, Koko bought the home from my Grandparents. Grandad continues to live in his “former home as a tenant.” Grandad calls Koko the “Landlord” – they are very funny people –  Koko is my Aunt (Father’s side), she loves Christmas, always smells good and makes the best Tabouli.

Many years ago, Koko owned three Nutcrackers that stood on her fireplace mantel, now she owns over 100 Nutcrackers:

We spent a couple of hours chatting with Grandad and Koko before we got back on the road. I’m glad my extended family is conveniently located along the interstate in Oklahoma between Texas family and Home.

Grandad is 84 years old and loves his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was also the love of my Nana’s life and she his. If only you had the chance to know him, maybe you do? maybe there is a Grandad in your life that you can relate to.

Grandad loves to mess with telemarketers, here is a story he’s told me:

Telemarketer: Would you like to donate to the [insert group]

Grandad: well, I already donate to the American Heart Association, to little children and cancer research…I suppose I could stop giving them money to give to you

Telemarketer: Oh sir you don’t have to do that..

Grandad: Well, I am only 84 years old, I guess I could get a job…

Telemarketer: No sir, that wont be necessary

Grandad: Are you sure? I could greet people at Walmart?

5 thoughts on “Koko and the Tenant

  1. I love the telemarketer story! And is KoKo growing out her natural hair color? Great pictures too. Crazy how you start out with three and end up getting over 100?! Good post : )

  2. Oh my goodness . . .that sounds like something my grandpa would do : P Love that last pic . . . he is just the cutest baby in the whole wide world : )

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