Far from the Ocean

My husband grew up in small town Texas, hunting and fishing, but he was also one of the first in town to pick up a skateboard (his dad, my father-in-law skated when he was a boy) and his parents took him to Galveston, TX on weekends from time to time.

So when he graduated from high school, he enrolled in Texas A&M Corpus Christi….needless to say he did more surfing and skateboarding than studying.

This is The Husband mid-freshman year at his sister’s wedding, post-hair cut…….

My mother-in-law, bless her made him cut it.

Fast forward five or six years, The Husband was bumming around Florida, surfing and scrubbing the bottom of yachts  and eating fresh fish daily. Again, the mother-in-law called him home for the holidays. His plan was home November through March and he was gone again.

That’s when we met and he started chasing me.

 Living in the city,

it was easy to find

things to skate on/in

Well, rural Missouri

doesn’t have many

of those

or any of these:

So this morning

around 7am

I lay looking at

my sweet Man.

He has gone from living off the land in search of good waves and good friends, to being my best friend and a great dad, staying up late working on homework, getting up early to leave for work where he is gone all day and then heading to class before he returns home around 9:30 pm at night.

When we first moved out to the ozarks, the only work he could find was a dairy….. early mornings and late nights working with cows, who kicked him, pooped on him and never thanked him for relieving them of swollen udders. Thank goodness that only lasted a month or two.

So when The Husband began asking for a climbing harness, rope and carabiners, I said yes. There are plenty of rocks to climb on in the ozarks.

Happy Thursday ya’ll!

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