What it has come to

I have become “that mom” or “that person”, you know the one, the one that stages photos with my infant son wearing a mustache, puts a dog in a costume and talks about boring things like what brand of diapers work best (I have a favorite cloth for home and disposable for over night and traveling).


I can’t help myself, the different mustache options are endless and too tempting to overcome. I blame myself mostly, but the mother-in-law just gave me an entire package of different looks over Thanksgiving, sorry folks.

In my defense, it is currently No Shave November…..

Serioso Moostasio I have wondered if it is a parental illness that I have developed?

Have I been infected with baby

saliva? poop? vomit?

The illness also involves talking about “yucky” things like poop and vomit.

Wonder BoyPut Dog in Costume – CHECK

Stage Photo with said Dog – CHECK

Post Photo on the Internet – CHECK

So, the dog came with the marriage and I am

fond of looking at animals, and petting them, but

I had no intention of owning one.

My marriage came with a brindle, alligator snout, Pitbull.  Our Dog Loves wearing costumes!  Thank Goodness.  My Husband picked him up at an animal shelter and they bummed around Florida together, because as we all know, man should not be alone.

Our Dog has a name, it’s BOY.  Possibly from being a shelter dog, he only responded to the word “Boy,” hence his atypical name.  He is incredibly smart and sweet, I wont go on long about him today, but rest assured, you will hear more about Boy the Wonder Dog.

I swore, I would never become….I would never stoop to the “insanity” of THIS:


Isn’t that a darling tie?

Happy Friday, hug and kiss your loved ones, see you next week!

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