Even in the Ozarks

DSC_0581This last weekend, Dec 1st and 2nd, there was a free concert performed by the students of the Stars Foundation in the heart of the ozarks.  When my little family moved here 10 months ago, I morned the loss of the arts and cultural diversity of the city life.

I was quite surprised by the  opportunities and diversity in the back hills of southern Missouri.

First of all, the nearest city (Springfield, MO) is an hours drive, has some of the best sushi restaurants I have ever dined with.

My thirst for the arts have been met by the STARS Foundation in Cabool, MO.  The director is a concert pianist by training and she too, happens to live in rural Missouri. She and her family launched and built this program that allows any person of any age to get FREE music lessons in return for community service of personal choosing. My brothers volunteer at the local veterinarian’s clinic.

My husband, who has played the trumpet since he was in elementary school, voluntarily plays with the orchestra.

DSC_0565 I snapped this photo during the pre-show rehearsal.

the handsome young man to my husband’s left is my younger brother

They are good buddies.

I sang in the choir, which sang a variety of chamber music from Celtic Christmas songs (“Shepherd’s Joy”), hymns (“A Bleak Mid-Winter” “Joy to the World”) and songs from the Messiah.

Saturday night’s performance had most of the seats filled by the time the show began, but come Sunday afternoon, the overflow area was packed, as well as every seat in the church.

There was a lot of good energy.


Wiley is shown here keeping his daddy’s mouthpiece warm and moist pre-show

What better why to celebrate this month, than to sing songs about the Savior? Well, I can’t think of one, because He is the reason we celebrate.

Hallelujah there is music ringing in the hills of rural Missouri

Hallelujah there is sushi close to rural Missouri

Hallelujah I can sing!

Hallelujah my son wasn’t crying the entire time and was behaving for the kind people holding him so his mom and dad could perform

Hallelujah for free concerts

Hallelujah for the Savior

Hallelujah indeed Handel

It was so awesome, I almost cried while I was singing. It was that good.


2 thoughts on “Even in the Ozarks

  1. This was a good post! Hallelujah for all the above! Thank goodness for good, hard-working people still in the U.S. I love happy news reports too.

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