Manuia Lou Aso Fanau

No, I don’t speak Samoan, but wouldn’t that be awesome? I love languages.

The words, “manuia lou aso fanau,” (mah-noo-ee-yah  low  ah-so  fah-now) comes from a children’s song that teaches children many ways to say,

“Happy Birthday to YOU!”


My mother-in-law turned [insert age here] today!! It’s hard to believe she is only [insert age here]!

Since I live in rural Missouri and my cell phone doesn’t work well in my house, I opted to not stand outside in the cold (because I have a cold) to call her today, instead I’ll blog about it and call tomorrow while I’m in town.

Mother-in-law has decided to go by the moniker of “Nona” for the baby and other grand-babes, which I think is cute, so thus it is (until she tells me otherwise).  Nona and Papa Smurf are some of the most generous and kind in-laws you could dream of (Father-in-law doesn’t have a moniker yet, so I’ll just call him Papa Smurf until then, but he is neither short, nor blue skinned).

Nona loves crafts and was successful in getting me to sew. She set me on the path to crafting by purchasing me my first sewing machine and giving me a serger! Nona also makes my son the cutest bowties/ties which enables my obsession with more “cute baby photos.”

I recently found out how much Nona loves to dance, it wasn’t until last week that I discovered where my husband got his dance rhythm from….like mother, like son.

danceWe love spending time with the family, even if we all sit around the living room and stare at the baby playing with toys on the carpet.

Thank You for helping us, holding our baby and allowing us to be a part of your life!

and since I started this blog about a week after my father-in-law’s birthday,

“Tanjobi omedeto!”

How’s that for a “Happy Birthday?!”


Love you guys

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