Business of Being Homebound

I have gone into the “city” about twice to purchase gifts this year. I had to spend all day both times to get some of the things I wanted. The rest of my shopping was done online. I am so happy to have the internet out here on the ranch….. we get internet by radio signal off an antenna on our neighbors hill, because we sit in a valley.  Cable is not provided out here and we tried using a dish, too many trees.  The only problems we have is if the neighbors are doing electrical work up the hill and have to turn off the antenna.  The world has bigger problems, no?

So, I have the internet to do some glorious online shopping. Last night I discovered snapfish has this 50% off photobooks until December 9th – that’s two more days people – and no snapfish did not pay me for this post.

No, I’m not giving everyone a photobook – don’t freak out siblings – the hippie sister is getting hippie stuff, the outdoorsy brothers are getting outdoorsy things and the husband is getting man gear and so on.

Grandparents, you are getting the photobooks and most of you don’t check this blog, so that is safe to say.

snapfish also has these preset themes to use:

Teach your child the ABC’s

cheese! The letter ‘T’ is for Taxidermy

‘S’ is for SMILE

‘D’ is for Deer

‘A’ is for Animals that Papa makes into wall mounts

The possibilities are endless

Happy Friday my friends, don’t forget to be the good in the world!

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