Something borrowed, something new…..


My eldest sister, Kelsey lives in Washington State, which is much too far from the rest of our immediate family.  The upside to her living there is the excuse to travel. A few summers ago, my youngest sister Kaylan and I flew out to WA State for a visit after Kelsey had her first baby.

Kelsey and I  are good friends and even at one time or another shared the same room. It was Pennsylvania, Kelsey was 14 years old and I was 10.  Now that I’m older I totally feel sorry for Kelsey, who as a teenager, had to share a room with a little girl.  With so many children in our family, eight, you can imagine the chaos in the laundry room….I can tell you, I never did the laundry, so when her clean underwear ended up in my drawer, it wasn’t my fault, but I did put them on. I can’t remember how she discovered me wearing them, perhaps she asked? When she complained that I was wearing her underwear and that I was invading her things, I simply said, “they were in my drawer.” That phrase became a famous phrase for, “it’s not MY fault, I didn’t know.”

So, this being told, you can imagine the laugh we all had fifteen years later, when Kaylan and I were joking about taking other people’s things, when she and I discovered that Kaylan was wearing MY underwear in that precise moment and you know what she said, “it was in my drawer?” Kaylan and I didn’t live in the same room, we didn’t even live in the same house, yet here we were sharing the same problem as adults.

I’m thinking, “at least they were clean, eh?”

DSCF7337  I’m very close with all three of my sisters.

maybe because they treat me like a princess

feeding my tummy

brushing my hair

massaging my feet

I’m not exaggerating.

Happy Belated Birthday Kelsey, your present is in the mail 🙂

3 thoughts on “Something borrowed, something new…..

  1. Oh my goodness! I remember thinking, “Is she seriously sticking with that excuse ‘It was in my drawer’ like that’s a viable excuse for wearing underwear that’s not yours?” But it’s even more funny that Kaylan said it as an adult. Oiy! Funny memories!

  2. LOL! I have that same kind of relationship with my sisters, but I don’t know what I would do without them . . .even though we don’t always agree . . . : )

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