My Good Man

THe GIftI’m not sure how I ended up getting the “golden ticket” of a husband, but I did. I asked for a man who loved God and loved the outdoors. I asked for a man who would love me. Done, done and done. What I didn’t know, was he would spoil me, even when I have bad days.

I sent him on some errands last Saturday to pick some things up at the Fabric store in the city.

IMG_0879I also asked my brother, who was with him, to take photos of my husband in the store, because I had to document this and don’t tell the husband you are taking the photos.

I had to be very specific with my instructions of what to get:

DUAL DUTY RED THREAD for finishing hoodie-saurus,

NYLON THREAD for sewing hammock,

HOT PINK TULLE for tutu….

He asked politely if he had to get the tulle, I told him he didn’t have too, I’d pick it up in a few days when I went into the city.

IMG_0887Yep, he got it all done and bought me a backpack, full of gifts…. He bought me a Deuter German made backpack, and told me he filled up with “stuff you could survive with.”

I put the pack on and it felt empty inside, like all I had on was a pack and I asked, “are you sure there is something in here?” He looked at me and said, “everything in there could save your life someday.”

Well, I get to look at this pack until Christmas Day, full of things that weigh next to nothing….and in backpacking speak, that is a very very good thing.

This is me trying out the pack, wearing my comfy after church clothes…I’m also sporting a skirt from the hiking department, a plaid cotton shirt, patterned tights, over which I pulled on some black socks that have snowflakes and reindeer on them, completing the look with my slip on Birkenstocks, another wonderful German creation.


It’s a super hot look, I know. Be sure to not comment on my lack of style.

Thank you Husband for your wonderful taste, for taking care of me and Thank you Germans for your brilliant engineering. I’d also like to thank Heavenly Father for this beautiful, blue eyed boy, who is always smiling.


3 thoughts on “My Good Man

  1. I love you and miss you! and I am so glad you found a guy that loves you and treats you the way you deserve…cause you are awesome…..and you have great style! HUGS!

    1. Paige, that’s is so nice, thank you friend! I hope you’re happily ever after is still sparkly too, because a woman with as much sparkle as you deserves that kind of glitter in marriage too…thanks for lovin on my style too

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