A Break in the Routine

the hat

My infant son brings a lot of joy to my life. The last few days I’ve put him in his bed with toys to entertain himself while I finish wrapping and sewing Christmas gifts. Sometimes I stop just to listen to him coo and play. The last few days I have wondered how I got to be so blessed. I can tell you the first 9 or 10 months of this year were some of the most difficult for me and yet, here I exist in December and think, how did life get so good? What was the change? Did I just stop worrying and start doing?

I’ve started some projects recently, one being some sewing, Saturday’s project:


 My mother-in-law, Nona, made these adorable bow-ties and all I had to do was sew it on a onesie.

Sunday before church, I had a morning meeting, so my husband was responsible for dressing the baby.

My son arrived wearing this onesie pictured on the left, with corduroy pants and the bomber hat pictured at the top….no coat, no blanket, just the bomber hat.

Baby Boy got complements all day on the hat.

I think he looked like a little smarty pants with the bowtie.

Yesterday, we had a visit with friends, Baby Boy had a friend – just one month younger – and I had a friend. Perfect combo. Those two perfect little boys played on the floor for a while chewing on carabiners, while the moms chatted and crafted.

It’s kinda perfect all around, two women who grew up in the city, moved to the ozarks at the same time, with babies the same age and spending time with them is a nice break from our regular routine.


DSC_0751Such a cutie, I have a feeling those boys will be the best of friends.

And I’m glad I have a new friend too.

Have a Happy Wednesday, be kind today.DSC_0752

5 thoughts on “A Break in the Routine

  1. The picture with Blue-Eyed Boy looking directly at you and past his little friend is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of him lately. It’s crisp and his eyes sparkle. That’s what I notice about my own little girls and love!

  2. Very likely you will stay friends for a long time. I’ve got a girl friend flying here from New Jersey on the 24th with her two boys ages 22 and 14. She decided to get pregnant after I got pregnant 22 years ago…

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