Everyone is a Conservative at 40


Aunt Marg and I being dramatic. My Father bought her flowers and I was giving them to her and she was acting very regal.

Thinking of my Aunt Marg lately. She has been ill and living on the other side of the pond from the rest of her family.  I made a video of her telling stories about her fascinating life. From Opera singer, to lady policewoman walking the beat to a woman detective working high profile criminal cases, she has seen a lot.

Last year, my Father and I traveled to the United Kingdom to spend a bit of quality time with her. I’ve never know a person to be so vibrant in her situation. From my perspective, she has had some hardships and tragedies, that would make some  people bitter.

Never married, never a mother to her own child, lost both her siblings and her parents. In love twice, the first love was Jewish and his parents wouldn’t have a Protestant daughter-in-law (she holds no grudge and speaks no unkindness), the second love – a fiance – died before they married. Yet here she still sings and laughs.


Since she never had children of her own, I wanted to preserve her personal history like I would for another Grandparent. She gave me gems like, “from 19-40 is the know-nothing/know-it-all-age, you think you know it all and then you turn 40 and you realize you’re a conservative.”  Telling me stories in the garden with her yellow work gloves on, she told me stories from being a policewoman, of speaking to prostitutes of 18 and 19 years old who had several children. She desperately wanted to help these kids who, “know about drugs and sex, but they don’t know about life.” She said, if children “were loved, it doesn’t matter if you come from royalty or from the poorest of homes, you will turn out a fine person….so many people couldn’t be bothered anymore.”

Aunt Marg is definitely from the greatest generation, the one who appreciates fine music and “not this rah rah rah stuff.” She loves Football – the real kind played with your feet – and always talks to her television and her cat Rosie – who is a bossy little madam.

I think of her often and of our relatively short visit together. Thank goodness I bought the plane ticket, the video camera and talked my Father into going too. It was marvelous.

Here’s to a happy Thursday and speaking kindly about others and to others.

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