Little Did I Know….

This time last year, I was pregnant – SICK – and I didn’t like my job, so I’m going to tell you about December 2010, it’s much happier.


Pictured above with my older brother and younger sister @Dec/2010.

December 13, 2010 I recorded: “Everything is right and good in the world today.”

That was One Day After a guy came over to my house to tell me he didn’t want to date me anymore and Two Days AFTER I met my future husband….the second time.

The first time we met was May 2010, he was waiting around for a girl – not a woman – a silly girl, so he wasn’t interested in talking to me. We sat next to each other all night and never spoke again, until December at a birthday party.

He looked like this:

167925_186610534683128_2466182_nHey look, it’s Papa Smurf too…..wearing blue, hmmm.

Although it was December, it was a pool party, the pool and hot tub were heated. The Future husband was sitting at a table talking to an attractive female, and I didn’t fancy a swim that night, so I went into the house for some fuse-ball and some ping pong. He followed me in the house and so did the attractive female.

I didn’t think anything of him following me from one activity to the next, my mind was initially occupied with the guy I was dating liking his boyfriends more than me, I soon got lost in having fun with a group of strangers running around a ping pong table. Later, the future hubs ditched the attractive female and played a strategy game with me. I don’t think it even crossed my mind that he was following me.

I was tired, it was late, but I didn’t want to drag my friend, who rode to the party with me, home early. I sat on the arm of the couch and put my head down to think. think, think, think.

I looked up and a handsome, blue-eyed boyish face behind glasses stared straight back at me.

“What’s your name?” I asked. He replied, “Dan.”

My next question was a bit more personal, “Dan, what are you doing with your life?”

He told me, “I’ve been a surf bum the last couple of months.”

I raised my eye brows, “really Dan, and how does that fulfill your role as a man in this world?” zing.

REMEMBER, this comment comes from a 28 year old woman who has had enough with boys. No more boys for this gal. I wanted to scare him away, I was done dating boys, because I was happy with my future plans and I didn’t need some boy chasing me – wasting my time – interrupting my life and then telling me he wasn’t ready for [insert excuse].

Unfazed by this question the future husband asked, “what do you mean?”

I looked at him like a teacher pressing a student, “so God sent you to the earth to be a surf bum? or did he has some other purpose in mind?”

His response, “you mean, like multiply and replenish the earth?”

I was dead serious, “yeah, like multiply and replenish the earth.”

Surprisingly, somehow he and I ended up talking about photosynthesis, surfing, traveling and college. I finally told him I needed to go home, but I enjoyed our conversation. Although consciously I felt romantically void of feelings, unconsciously I couldn’t fight the harpoon of interest that struck my heart…. I was a goner and I didn’t even know it.

I would say meeting him when I did would make everything right and good in my world.

SO Glad it’s Friday!

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