Family Photo Fails

This weekend I tried to get a family Christmas photo to send out to grandparents and friends. Those of you with children will understand. I have included some of the photos that we took fail5 fail4 So here I am trying to get the baby to LOOK at the camera….my husband begins making faces too.

Why? WHY? Why?












fail2Here no one is looking, so it looks like this shot was intentional. Good.

Baby wearing blue socks?

Mom fail.

Not what I had hoped for, especially from a baby who is always smiling. The ozarks don’t have professional photographers coming out of the woodwork, so having your nineteen year old brother (who was hyped up on caffeine) take photos with our camera was my only hope.

There are bigger problems in the world.


Maybe some day when we are all older we will take a normal photo.

My domestic duties call today, peace and love friends. Hug your family tighter today and be kind to people, you never know when they are hurting.


5 thoughts on “Family Photo Fails

  1. I’ve learned the photog has to be creative and alert in order to grab all their mini subject’s attention. It helps to have an object to wave or a second person in the back ground who is waving or holding the child’s favorite object. I’ve resigned myself to accepting most everyone looking at the camera, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to try 40 shots in attempting the impossible:) Cute pictures.

  2. Hey, I know what you mean, but I think it’s harder to get my siblings to look at the camera and they are older than your adorable baby who looks cute when he’s looking at the camera or not . . .just like his parents : D

    1. Maddie, you are a doll! Sometimes I want to put you in a box and open you up when I’m feeling down about life….but than again, I could just keep blogging and you would do the same (and you wouldn’t have to live in a box) so it’s a win for me either way 🙂

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