White Elephants and Inanimate Love

For the record, I really loathe “Dirty Santa”, which is a version of the White Elephant gift exchange where gifts get “stolen” and moved around; however, I love irony.

Let me tell you more about meeting my future husband and The Box. Last night I had Danny take a picture with The Box:

The BoxSo the Sunday before the White Elephant gift exchange party, I saw the future hubs sitting alone in Sunday class and sat next to him. After class, he asked me if I was going to this ridiculous gift swapping party and I told him I was – because I go to things when the peoples are good and I was planning on it before he asked – so I gave him directions to the Home Evening Party for young single adults.

On Monday, when everyone arrived, there were thirty-plus people there and about twenty seven of them involved in the gift exchange. I was sitting next to Danny before it began and he told me the rectangle wrapped in white printer paper was his and “it is the best gift here.” Oddly enough, my first thought was, “he totally brought that for me.” Everyone drew numbers out of a hat to see who opened a gift first. I drew the number 21 and Danny drew the number 20.

The first gift chosen and opened was Danny’s white printer paper wrapped box. When the guy who held number 1 – to open – unwrapped it, he was excited…and I was bummed. Then, the party mediator turned the game into “Dirty Santa” and said the gift could be stolen twice and the third person would be able to keep it. So, as it went, the gift had been stolen once, when number 20 – Danny – came up, he walked over to the person who had the box and took it. Second time stolen, when number 21 came up, he turned to me and held out the box. I swapped what I had for this wooden gem.

After the party ended, he opened the box to show me the carving he made on the inside of the lid


As he was showing me the inside of the lid, I knew this box had been carefully picked out and carved for me and it was Dirty Santa that led to my win. Big Score indeed.

After that night, I didn’t see Danny for three or four weeks. I went home to see my family for Christmas and he was with his. But in those weeks in between, I would walk into my room and look at the box and feel so much love. It was a Christmas comfort and reminder that I was special, someone thought I was special and I think that is when I decided that the person who gave it too me was special too.

One thought on “White Elephants and Inanimate Love

  1. That is so cool! I love all of your stories . . .they are so sweet and cute . . .I hope I can have those kinds of stories to tell when I’m older . . . SO COOL 😀

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