The Hazards of Attachment Parenting

Lack of Style – No hipster here, I dress for comfort, “hello stretchy pants”

Lack of Nutrition – I usually eat, because I have too. I miss food, we used to be better friends.

Lack of Exercise – I used to exercise everyday, now I’m happy if I get some once a week.

Lack of time to check my spelling and grammar on the blog before I post – sorry guys, but the baby calls.

Lack of Sleep…..

When I think of The Sound of Music’s song, “A Few of My Favorite Things” I think of sleep.  My favorite part of being an adult after college was sleeping whenever I wanted; now I have a baby and I have decided to make him a priority over sleeping, even at night.


The other day, my brothers, husband and I sat around laughing about Chuck Norris jokes, then I mentioned something to the affect of “when I haven’t slept in three days, Chuck Norris checks under his bed for me…” and this is funny to those who live with this sleep deprived mother of one – I know, it’s pathetic, I only have one baby/one child and I am “soo sleep deprived” – but I am a short tempered, bossy madam when I haven’t slept and I don’t have the patience for annoying sounds or habits or messes.  My sweet brother who doesn’t say mean things about anyone was asked by a friend who was scarier, “your mom or your dad?” at the time I was nine months pregnant and his answer to her was, “My sister Katie.” When he told me that story, I belly laughed, because I knew it was true.


My son had been sleeping through the night the last few weeks, but this last week he began cutting two teeth. So I’ll stay up with him and play until he gets sleepy. I put him in his bed and he wakes three or four times a night. If I can sleep late in the morning it’s not bad….if I have to get up early Chuck Norris hides.

reflectionMy guess is, I was thirty when I had my first child, so I’m attached…. I adore him.

Last night, I must have been really tired, because I woke up startled by my husband’s shadowy figure standing over me, holding a little shadowy figure and I asked, “was he crying?” The hubs handed me the baby and climbed back into his side of the bed.

Being a mom is the coolest job in the world. I never would have guessed this is what my life would become, but I’m so happy for the sleepless nights. Holding that baby as he coos and smiles is a great pay day.

smileI’m hoping someday my son will sleep through the night every night so  I will have my full nights sleep back every night. That will be a great pay day for everyone around me.

4 thoughts on “The Hazards of Attachment Parenting

  1. Love this post. I am on the same boat…and my little one is over a year old…I’m sure someday it will change, but for now…all I do is enjoy him.

  2. It’s not a cure for all lack of sleep, but reading “On Becoming Baby Wise” can help some. Lydia wasn’t sleep trained and I suffered. This 3rd child is gonna get the same training Sadie received so we’ll all be happier.

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