The Un-Invited Christmas Guest

Sweet Rolls

This Christmas was on track to become one of the best family gatherings ever. Grandad and Aunt were scheduled to come from Oklahoma on the 23rd, six of my seven siblings and a family friend were arriving on the 21st.

Friday morning my mother made a mountain of cinnamon rolls and bread for our family and local friends.

Mountain of Dough


Mmmmm, I love my mother’s cinnamon rolls.




Later that evening was our Church Christmas party, around 200 people came. I sang a Christmas song medley of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/The Christmas Song.” I had a piano, a cello and violins playing for me during my solo – it had been a while since I have sung for a large group and it was quite fun!

Saturday our family decided to have a “traditional Christmas” dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing..etc.

We were all grateful that we had our traditional dinner….because Saturday night was that last night before the un-invited guest decided to visit our house. Sunday morning we all woke up with what my husband describes as “the BG’s…Bubble Guts.”

The ‘Twelve to twenty-four hour’ stomach bug hit our house. Fifteen of the seventeen people in the house took turns emptying their stomachs…and our food menu got less exciting: ginger ale, chips, toast, Nalgene’s full of water.

I didn’t see Sunday’s menu. I never left my room. Monday – Christmas Eve – I didn’t move much and I was just hoping that Christmas Day I would feel well enough to sit around the tree with my family and open gifts.

Gratefully, come Christmas Day, I was feeling a bit weak, but well enough to enjoy the following:

Bacon Booty

Bacon Booty with homemade Marmalade and fruit tea

Santa Cup

Santa always brings cups full of mint M&M’s

CutiesCute Nephew and Niece

Tree Gifts

Presents on the tree…

Hairy Face

Cute Baby Boy with his uncle (who hasn’t shaved all semester).

There is more to come…stay tuned. Hope your Christmas was happy and healthier than ours!

One thought on “The Un-Invited Christmas Guest

  1. Our Chrismas was pretty rough too . . . not very many were sick on Christmas day, but we all caught some kind of illness : ( But Christmas was still just as great and I enjoyed every minute : D Merry Christmas!

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