Everyone’s Favorite Gift

ConfidentialEveryone’s favorite gift is so awesome it makes you cry and give a hysterical laugh and then cry again.

tearIt makes sense that my sister would cry, she’s pregnant, but my brother-in-law released a tear or two from his eyes too.

Santa was at it again, being an instrument in the Lord’s hands, answering prayers. I’m going out on a limb here and saying this was probably their favorite gift this year….

marioI gave my nephew a hooded Mario sweatshirt with hand sewn “Yoshi” scales on the hood…because he loves playing Wii. Listening to his comments to his sisters while they play makes me laugh. Anyway, he carried the sweatshirt around like a blanket all morning and refused to wear it. He liked it and that’s important.


His favorite gift was a Leap Frog game – learning how to write letters and draw shapes – from his mom and dad. Three years old and he knows the alphabet and shapes, smart little dude. Directly behind little dude is our AmeriCanadian sister and this is the ONLY photo I have of her face that turned out.

Sorry AmeriCanadian (she coined that name)…I’ll make up for this soon, because you deserve better.


My youngest nephew also got a hooded sweatshirt, but he put his on right after he opened it and wore it for two days.


I got help from a friend sewing the scales on this sweatshirt. I think it turned out pretty nice. I’m thinking I should make one of these for myself.


His favorite gift was probably the yellow car he’s holding in his hands, but since he doesn’t talk yet, I’ll have to decide for him and say, it’s a toss up between the two gifts.

He also started doing this cute thing with my husband.  The little man would reach up every few seconds with one finger outstretched toward Dan and Dan would reach down and touch his finger to little man’s.

My husband is now trying to teach him how to say, “Elliot,” so they can re-inact the movie E.T.

"Elliot"It should come to no surprise as to which was my infant son’s favorite gift…..it was the BOX that his awesome PUMA track suit came in from his Great Grandma S:

PresentsHe basically played with that box all morning, until it got soggy and we took it away. Although, he was pretty happy chewing on his daddy’s new socks too.

ear plugs

Uncle Beardo is one of the most difficult people to buy gifts for, but you’re always safe with food items. He’s in graduate school and lives in a trailer…down by the river, so blankets are good too.

We went with ‘food item’ and gave him a gift card to Chipotle attached to a bag of chocolate animal cookies.

He loves making serious faces for photos…. we have been calling him all sorts of names, “Ulysses S. Grant,” “young Santa Claus,” Alaskan fisherman,” “lumberjack,” pick one or make a new one up.

Green Toys

Green Toys – it’s all the rage these days and safe too.


it’s made in the USA

Not too many toys are still made in the USA.

For the two little girls: dolls and tea sets.

TEA TIMEApparently, those girls were ravenously thirsty – so they tore into that organic cardboard box pronto.

Reel - y?My husband bought this reel for my youngest brother, while said brother was with him and my brother never knew it was for him. Baby brother’s reel broke a few weeks ago and he seemed rather pleased to get a new one.

I'm a Lumberjack and that's OkI think he likes the axe his wife gave him, what do you think?

Christmas continues with tomorrow’s post, stay tuned for more –

He is still the best gift I received in 2012


One thought on “Everyone’s Favorite Gift

  1. Well, he is by far, the cutest gift I have ever seen : P Looks like you all had a great Christmas . . . it’s fun to see everyones faces and reactions on Christmas morning : )

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