Wrapping Up Christmas Morning…

Gift of GivingMy oldest niece, pictured here hugging my younger brother, wanted to give her uncle a gift and bought him a harmonica. She was terribly excited about giving a gift and that was how we all felt this year, excited to give.  A part of me felt a bit excessive, giving like I did; but I have been on the receiving end of the gifts for too long. My brother has never expressed an interest in playing the harmonica, but sometimes when a gift is given to us with so much excitement and love, we can’t help wanting to love the gift too – I wouldn’t be surprised if my brother became really good at playing the harmonica just because his niece wanted him to have one – looks like I need a banjo or a washboard to thump.

BG Stricken

 Another brother: Victim number 12 to fall prey to the Holiday “BG’s” or Bubble Guts.

He was a soldier and held up pretty well, all things considering.

I sort of felt bad for buying him the box of cereal “Life” as a gift. (get it, I bought him “a life” for Christmas….anyone? anyone? is this thing on?). Well I bought him a shirt too, so it wasn’t all lame.

Best Gifts Keep GivingThe best gifts keep giving, which is why BOOKS make the best gifts…for people who love to read.

Our AmeriCanadian sister – gifted some books for the little girls – but the adults had fun looking for Waldo too.

IntermissionIt was really nice to take a break in between watching the grandchildren open gifts and then have the adults open gifts.

In our house, my mother always makes us open ONE gift at a time, so we can all admire who/what together….but with 17 people that wasn’t going to work out best. So we had the grandies open gifts in the early morning and then the adults started opening theirs.

I think I’ll keep the tradition of “open one gift at a time,” unless there is a large group, then we’ll have an intermission and carry on later.

Dad's GiftThe last few years we have drawn names for a specific person to buy a gift for.

If you notice the photo on the wall behind my dad – which doesn’t include my new husband and baby and other new grandchildren – we have a rather large family.

I bought my dad another spatula – he bought two or three at Williams Sonoma as few years back and the household is down to one and it’s his favorite – so I tracked it down and bought him one of those…. yes, a spatula.

I bought him some other goods – which included organic, fancy shampoo/conditioner. He is a man’s man, who isn’t afraid of a fancy bar of soap or essential oils. In fact, lavender or almond are some of his favorite scents for soaps.


So, you may – or may not – be wondering what was in the backpack I mentioned a few posts back…. well, a solar panel for starters. The first things I saw, a BUCK knife (made in the USA) and the solar panel, followed by some camp gear that my brothers were super jealous of and some earrings. Not diamonds, the cost of diamonds would have reduced the amount of camp gear and I wouldn’t want that, so the husband bought me some cubic zircon with 14K white gold posts, which makes me a happy girl.

CZMy husband is very excited to show my how to best utilize the rest of the gear stuffed in my new bag and snow or not, here I come!

For me, it was a once in a lifetime Christmas, because it is special to get such extravagant things from my family. My in-laws and grandparents spoiled me too. My cup runneth over and I’m so grateful. *Thank You cards in the mail next week*

After all the gifts were opened, we collected our goodies and moved about the house feeling happy with our new things.

Impromptu Tea Party My sister is such a great mommy – for many reasons – one of them is the time she spends with her children. She is very selfless and loving – her children and husband adore her – as do most who meet her.

While uncle Beardo crashed on the recliner, my sister had a tea party with her little girl and Queen Mary, my niece’s new doll.

Tea with the QueenQueen Mary takes her tea with cream and sugar

and always with a smile.

My niece “E” clutched that doll the rest of the week and even talked uncle Beardo into having a tea party with her and her siblings Wednesday night.

Uncle Beardo is a gentleman, even in pretend tea parties.

Breakfast dishes

 My dog enjoyed the last bit of Christmas breakfast of sausage and gravy – the dog also was gracious enough to clean his own dishes.

We had an hour or two after gifts to rest before we had a Christmas Day party with friends to attend.

I’ll save my photos from the party for another day

DSC_0754I hope your Christmas was full of the Love of our Savior and surrounded by people who love you.  If this year was a rough patch for you, my hope is that next year will bring you peace, love and joy.


or as my Egyptian Uncle would say, Salam.

One thought on “Wrapping Up Christmas Morning…

  1. WOW! It looks like you realy had an exciting Christmas and it was probably nice to have most of your family there . . . I’m glad you all had such a great time and could spend it with your family : )

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