A Public ‘Thank You’ and Humiliation?

The first thing I thought today before writing this post was, “I should take more photos with my sister-in-law…” because I had ONE photo of her – unless you count photos from her youth.
Sister In Law

She is one of the most photogenic persons I know.

must be the years of practice.Robin Hood and PrincessAren’t they cute? What cute kids…who knew I’d grow up and marry Robin Hood and be related to a princess?

This year, for Christmas the sister-in-law gave us a BEARDO for the baby.

Woolie FaceA crocheted beard that velcro’s to the side of a beanie.

It is just a little too big right now, but in a few months it will fit perfectly.

Hooray for babies with facial hair? or babies with yarn beards.

Thank You for feeding my weird fetish – I absolutely love it.

BEARDO  BabySee, the hat and beard can be separated.

 So when Baby Boy is handing out with his Star Wars loving uncle he can do it in style.

Thanks for the awesome beanie.



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