Twas The Night Before New Year’s Eve….

Sleepy HeadTwas the Night before New Year’s Eve and all through the house, only a few creatures scurried – a few neurotic dogs – but definitely no mouse.

All the adults were sung in their beds…two little brothers chose to sleep elsewhere instead.

Couch CrashingThey have their own – Large Room – with two little beds…why would they chose to sleep on a couch and not bed?

I would have asked them, had they been not asleep.

One brother lay snoozing on something soft and cushy, but my youngest brother lay sleeping on his tummy – not tushie.

Floor Crashing

When I was younger I too had my own room and a large queen sized bed to myself and I opted to sleep on the floor in my older brother’s room or on the living room sofa.

In fact, I rode out the January 1995 Northridge, California earthquake on the couch in my older brother’s room – I woke up thinking he was shaking the couch just to prank me – because he used to do things like that.

I preferred to sleep with a blanket, the brothers sleep with a sleeping bag or on the floor half naked.

SlobberI find it funny they do this every night. The youngest kinda just crashes wherever he gets tired.

I sometimes find him upstairs on the hard wood floors laying sprawled out next to a dog.

As I get older – I find that I can’t sleep on the floor well – I know, because I recently tried.

Nope, it’s the comfy life for me.

I got up this morning and made buttermilk, blueberry pancakes from scratch for my husband and brothers and decided that I’m going to do some good in the world today – January 1, 2013 – even it is just organizing my bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Twas The Night Before New Year’s Eve….

  1. : ) I find that sometimes it’s just more comfortable to sleep on our couch than in my bed, but my mom doesn’t like it very much . . so we made a deal that on Fridays I coud sleep wherever I wanted . . . : P Blueberry pancakes . . . Wow! I bet you had a lot of happy camper at your place : )

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