I’m Going to Share A Secret

My favorite jam is orange marmalade. Maybe it is my Scottish roots or my high levels of stress (“they” say eating oranges reduces blood pressure – therefore stress – which doesn’t really apply to me because I run 90’s over 50’s on a busy day).  In my quest to become more domestic, I decided to make my own jam!
Secret SecretThe week before Thanksgiving I made strawberry jam and orange marmalade – which was a first for me.  I happen to like jamming now, but that isn’t the secret I’m going to share today. My secret is, how to make awesome orange marmalade.  So if you came to read today about some spicy secret or thought I was going to make a big revel, you can save yourself from reading further.

I look like my Aunt hereI had to post this photo – because I look just like my Auntie ‘C’ here – isn’t genetics funky awesome? Auntie ‘C’ is my father’s youngest sister. I’m frequently told I look like her, or my Aunt Tina or my Nana – I’m never offended – how could I be? Although, I can’t remember when my Auntie ‘C’ last had long  hair……

OK, the secret…it’s all about lemon to orange ratio.

It's all about ratios

TWO LARGE LEMONS – both rhines – all flesh

four small oranges – three rhines – enough flesh to make 3 cups total of lemon and orange

[question: do you spell citrus rhine, r-h-i-n-e? I’ve always been a terrible speller]

[UPDATE: apparently, it is spelled R-I-N-D]

Separate the tough white skin from the flesh of the citrus – you don’t want the tough skin marring your tasty jam.

Remove the Flesh!

How do I know this marmalade is so good? Well, I myself am bias to my hard work….but my grandmother told me it was delicious and I believer her.

I lived with my grandmother for five years during my undergraduate studies and she made no bones about telling me what she did or didn’t like – about how I dressed, my cooking, my house cleaning skills, my singing, etc… When you’re good – she’ll tell ya, When she doesn’t like it – she’ll tell ya.

I had to re-clean some floors multiple times before she was satisfied – let me tell you – I learned to do it right the first time every time.

So when Grandma told me she loved my marmalade and asked for more – as many as I could give her – I was motivated to make her more of my marvelous marmalade.

Happy O

My younger brother got a little trigger happy with my camera – but I think it’s kinda cute.

The truth is, there are not many things I can give my grandmother that she can’t already buy or make herself…so, if there is anything that I can give her or make for her at her request – I’m happy to do it.

I’m decided that today is going to be awesome – because I could use an awesome day and so could you.


For those of you actually looking for a marmalade recipe:

3 cups prepared fruit – I used four small oranges and two large lemons

1/2 to 1 cup water

1/8 tsp baking soda

5 cups (exactly) white sugar-measured to a separate bowl

1/2 tsp butter

1 pouch CERTO fruit pectin

6 to 8 quart sauce pan

Using a potato peeler – peel the color off three orange rinds and two lemon rinds after peeling, cut into very thin and small strips – place into large pot on stove and add 1 to 1/2 cup of water and 1/8 tsp of baking soda – I SET ASIDE until I had all the fruit chopped.

Remove the flesh of the lemon and orange from the white skin – chop fine – there will be loads of juice – so frequently decant (that is a nerdy word for “pour the liquid into”) the juice into bowl or large glass measuring cup. YOU ONLY WANT THREE CUPS of fruit and juice. Use all the lemon and only add as much orange as it takes to measure to three cups of fruit.

NOW bring the rinds/baking soda in water on the stove to a boil. I keep mine heat to about a 3 (out of 6) and allow rinds to simmer COVERED – stir occasionally – 20  minutes.

NEXT add the fruit/juice to the rind mixture and simmer an additional 10 minutes.

After you have simmered the rinds and the fruit, THEN ADD the sugar and 1/2 tsp of butter. THE BUTTER REDUCES FOAMING and you don’t want foaming, so add the butter – or margarine (if that’s what you’re into)

I usually cut open the pectin pouch and set in in a bowl ready to use – because you have to do this next part very carefully.

BRING MIXTURE of rinds, fruit, sugar and butter to a rolling boil – boil that doesn’t stop boiling when stirred -STIR IN PECTIN – make sure mixture is still boiling for ONE FULL MINUTE stirring constantly.

After ONE FULL MINUTE – REMOVE the mixture from the heat.

If you are new to canning – I should have told you to wash your jars and lids before you made the marmalade – because you need squeaky clean jars and lids.

Carefully ladle your hot marmalade into those clean jars and set on a wooden cutting board or kitchen towel.

I pressure cook my jars – if you don’t pressure cook your jams, you can leave them on the shelf too long or they go bad.

Ok, there is the entire recipe for my Marvelous Marmalade

6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Share A Secret

  1. Love that last pic . . .somthing I would : D Great Job on your jam . . . I don’t think it’s the same stuff we got, but what you gave us was OUTSTANDING 😀

  2. Wait a minute. I first read through this then went back to get the recipe and it’s not there. Don’t talk about ingredients and then NOT write the recipe!

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