A Short Out of Town Trip

DrRachLast week, my husband and son went on a short trip to visit family and friends with me. I still have road trip hangover – where I’m super drained and tired, but well worth the visit.

It just so happens that my best friend from college – Dr Rach – owns a home in the same area as my Grandad and my Aunts, so she plays host to our little family when we are in town.

Auntie RachOur friendship is kind of a fun story…. on my first day as a student at The University of Tulsa, I had an Intro To Athletic Training class.  The professor asked everyone to say where they were from, what high school they went to and something else. I said my name, my high school… yada yada yada…

Big GulpWhen it came time to say her name and high school, she said, My name is Rachel, I went to Edmond Memorial High School… I thought, “that’s where I went to school and I’ve never seen her before in my life. There’s no-way.” Turns out, she was thinking the same thing when I was naming my school. I was a transfer to The University of Tulsa – so she was two grades behind me in school, but only one year younger than me.  Oddly enough, I knew her older brother who was in my graduating class.

h2o is betterWe didn’t hit it off as friends right away – we were both a little “too cool for school” in our own ways –  the friendship was forged after the endless days of cleaning water coolers and taping hairy ankles in a cramped room  with bad lighting -offensive lineman in college football tend to be the hairiest ankles. Our friendship grew out of long hot days on the football field and traveling together with the team. We spent hours studying for exams – we had most of the same classes every semester. College was awesome.

Good Auntie

Now, I’m an educated stay at home mom and she a college hot shot with her doctorate – she graduates with the doctorate in May.  She is now a program dictator director at a small private university where she also teaches courses. Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal. She loves teaching – she treats my baby like gold.

All the photos of her parents cuddling BABY – and catching his throw up in their hands – are on my husbands phone and he is out of town. Dr Rach’ parents are  Baby’s adoptive grandies and we love them too!

Dr Rach turns 30 this year and we are planning a trip to Costa Rica with her this summer – she has always wanted to zip line through the jungle and the husband wants to surf Costa Rican waves…I just want to lay on a warm beach.

It’s a win win.

Happy Monday – let’s make the most of the day, January 7, 2013 will only happen once!


3 thoughts on “A Short Out of Town Trip

  1. I didn’t know that about Rachel! Tell her congrats on the doctorate & the program director job! She should have an article in the TU Nursing magazine.

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