Family, Memories and A Cute Baby

The year I spent my entire summer with my family in Oklahoma – all by myself – was awesome. At the time, my Auntie C lived next door to Nana and Grandad and I spent a lot of time over there with my male cousins playing with Ninja Turtle action figures and eating delicious sugar cereal that my mom never bought.


My Auntie C took me and the boys to see Jurassic Park in the movie theatre – it was epic – and it was a rainy day in Oklahoma too. It was also dark and wet outside when we left the theatre, which made for an epic ride home.

I then learned only a few years ago, that Jurassic Park was the last movie my Auntie C ever saw in the theatre, which made me feel a bit special, because a movie with me was so epic….there was no way she could go again without me.

Our Short trip last week, took us to KoKo and The Tenant’s home. While we were there, my Auntie C dropped in to meet my men. Boy of Boy did we have a good time and my baby boy was the central entertainment.

ReadyAuntie C was holding the back of my little man’s vest and letting him stand on his own…he tried running a few times and almost landed on his face, were it not for the vigilant Great Aunt hovering near by.

Five adults sat around talking and telling stories, while the baby played.

There are so many parallels you can take from watching a baby. So many times in my adolescent and young adult life, I wanted to run, before I could walk (figuratively speaking), when I needed the steady patience of a baby to keep working at something until it came when I was ready. If I could only know then, what I know now.

Enticing ToyI was also never good at traditional goal setting.

When I was about 15 years old, I wrote down a long list of things that I wanted to obtain or to do during my life and fifteen years later, I’ve already accomplished half of them.

At the time I wrote the list, I had just moved from California to Oklahoma and was missing my friends “back home.”

One of the most important things to me was, “visiting California.” I can’t count how many times I’ve returned to California since then, but it sure seemed like a big wish at the time.

Catching a Ride

It’s exciting to look back at a list of dreams that you have fulfilled and remember thinking, “these things are just too good to happen, but I can dream.”

eating his first shark

I am living proof that dreams do come true. I can hardly believe it myself. I attribute this to God, He gives me all that I have, including my family and I am humbled that He would notice me in a world full of good people.

snacking on second shark

God notices YOU too.

Bath ToysSpeaking of “back in the day” the toys that my son is playing with were bath toys that every single grandchild who visited Nana and Grandad have played with. I tub dived with those sharks too at one time, long before I was writing dreams on a sheet of paper.

Sharing a Laugh with KokoNow I watch me son doing the things I did, enjoying the family I had and learning new things. He is laughing with KoKo and trying to eat the sparkling pendant on her vest.

Sparkly ThingsOne short memory I have of KoKo, goes back to a flight I took with my two older siblings from Oklahoma to San Diego, California. I was about six or seven and my older siblings couldn’t have been older than nine and eleven.

Our flight included a lay-over in Dallas, Texas – obviously I was clueless about what was going on – but I knew when I saw my KoKo standing at the gateway gripping a stroller. She hugged and kissed us and gave us toys. I got a barbie and boy did that take the boredom out of the rest of the trip home.

Learning to walkShe walked us to our next gate and put us on the correct flight home to mom and dad. That’s what family is all about – loving each other, going out of our way to help one another.  This life is full of hard things and without family, life would be much more difficult.

Now here KoKo is, with my Auntie C, spending their weekday evening playing with my son and swapping stories with me and my husband. I am truly blessed.

Doing it on his ownWe all eventually go out into the world on our own, just like a baby lets go of our hands to stand without help.

But we are never alone. Family and friends are near by to help us when we fall.

Not everyone has the family network that I have. I tell you, that the Savior stands ready to help you at all times and that we can be instruments in HIS hands to answer other people’s prayers.

There is not anywhere in this world that we can go, that He can’t see you and know what you need.

Tall ManIsn’t is amazing that humans can grow from being a tiny infant to a grown man in just a “few” years.

This is my Grandad – I’ve mentioned him before, funny man.

I took this particular photo, because my older brother Keegan said that Grandad doesn’t wear his jump suits anymore – well, here is proof that the man still owns them and wears them.

The jump suits are Grandad – as far as the grandchildren are concerned – jump suits are iconic to summers on the farm and remind me of watching Grandad come in and out of the house to get a sandwich or drink of water, before returning to another project outside.

Eating a boatIt was a great trip – a fast trip – to see family. My son did things he’s never done before and after this photo was taken, he learned how to pull himself up into a standing position.

tasting bricksIt’s Tuesday, January 8, 2013 – experience something new today – dream big and call your loved ones.



2 thoughts on “Family, Memories and A Cute Baby

  1. You are so right . . . There are so many times that I “fall” but I have always been blessed with family and friends who are there to help me back up : ) FANTASTIC POST!

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