Back To The White House

Not the White House on Pennsylvania Ave, the one in Oklahoma – where the Grandparents live. My little family stopped by on our way back to the Ozarks.

The Grandparents sold the home they raised their children in a few years ago and moved into a retirement community that includes “cottages” which they built and the “Big House” complete with pools, theatre, apartments, condos, hospice, multiple restaurants and all the other things retirement communities have – plus some.Gramma Dances

My son loves the attention he gets when we visit family. Can you blame him?

Over Loved?It just so happened that my parents were stopping in town the same day we were – So we all went up to the “Big House” for dinner together – where my son chewed on a lemon rind and made us all laugh with his sour faces and then the baby threw up the entire contents of his stomach inside the fancy dining restaurant.

Sharing A SecretAfter dinner we watched a college football game. Not just any game – the Oklahoma Sooners VS Texas A&M Cotton Bowl Game. We gathered around the massive 3D television with high hopes.

My dad is an Oklahoma (OU) graduate, my mother attended OU before transferring to Tulsa to finish, my grandfather graduated from OU and so did my grandmother.

85 Years of Beauty

So this game was kind of a big deal.

It didn’t take very long before the ominous signs of Oklahoma’s defeat were obvious to everyone except my dad, who will deny it until the game ends…and then he tries not to think about it.

During the second quarter, my grandma said, “this game is boring…”

Not much later, during the second quarter, my grandma said, “it’s not a question of Who is going to win, but how much A&M is going to win by…”

That’s when she got up to make us all popcorn.

Over Shadow Much?My tall in stature husband, was pleased as punch to see A&M do well.

His parents both attended A&M – his dad was in the marching band.

His grandfather on his mother’s side was an All American Shot Put at A&M.

So, the way Dan saw it at the start of the game was, it was a win win situation for him.

He’d be happy that we were happy or he would be happy that A&M won. All I can say about the game is, with college football, you never know what will happen.
Happy BoyGrandpa White always has a great football story to tell. He built a large orthopedic medical practice that took care of high school sports medicine and a Division I university. The practice also takes care of several professional teams.

Grandpa is a pretty funny guy – he loves to make faces for the camera – maybe that’s where we get it from…. At 84 years old he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

My mother is the oldest of six children – born in Minnesota – while grandpa was training at Anchor Hospital. My grandma couldn’t teach school anymore while she was pregnant with my mom, because apparently it just wouldn’t look right to be a pregnant teacher in front of first graders. How much the world has changed.

He can be normal too....Happy Wednesday – be nice to children, they learn from your actions. Cheers.

Family Photo

One thought on “Back To The White House

  1. Wow! You guys have had a busy vacation : ) m glad you got to spend time with your family . . . I know that always lifts my spirits 😀

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