Celebrate Life Through Exploring

PoppinsThe summer of 2011, a month and a half before I got married, I took a trip with my Dad. I snapped this photo of dad teasing the pigeons with a napkin in Glasglow, Scotland.

Mersey RailThrough traveling with my Dad I learned many things I never knew, personal stories from his youth.

When he was 18 he went to live with family in England.  Dad rode the Merseyrail to and from work – the same rail we rode together.  It’s fun to think about your parents when they were younger. “You Were Once Young Too?”

Lake Windermere

We both enjoyed making friends with the locals. My Father makes friends very easily. One of the friends we made – owns/runs a cafe near Aunt Maggie’s home – and long time friend of my family. Andrew invited Dad and I to the beautiful Lake Windermere.

If Dad could buy a vacation home on a lake, it would be Lake Windermere. And you can have fish and chips delivered to you out there too.  Dad loves him some fish and chips.


Dad and I are great traveling companions – we both like to do and see similar things.

While in Edinburgh, we both decided to skip paying to see inside the castle and find free things.

The Scottish Museum of History was free and amazing – could have stay longer.

We found graveyards, with beautiful stone graves and unkempt flowers growing around and out of cracks in the stone.

Books and Shells

I always knew my Dad loved to read, but what I didn’t know, was he travels to find more books stores.

He could make an entire trip out of finding old and rare used books…. His favorite book store was one in Edinburgh – we went there multiple times.

He found a copy of a Sir Walter Scott novel – one of his favorite authors and Edinburgers – that he had lost when he used to live and work in the United Kingdom. He put the book and some other things of little value to a thief into a metal lunch box – it was stolen by someone who worked on the premise of the airport who thought it may have contained some costly goods – those things were priceless to my Dad, but of little use to a thief looking to make money.

Favorite Book Store

There was a funny sign on the wall of his favorite bookstoreLetterIf I ever got locked into a store by accident – it would be that one!

ExploringDad and I both love exploring and learning. What I learned here was – Scotland, being north of England – gets more of the heavy rains that pass over Ireland. Ireland takes a beating with the downpour and England gets a lighter spray.

Cool WeatherYou can see in the background the downpour moving toward us. It’s kinda awesome how it’s sunny for awhile and then a five minute downpour darkens the sky and followed by sunny skies again – and I thought Oklahoma had weird weather patterns.

The United Kingdom is where I fell in love with cooler weather. With highs in the upper 50’s (Fahrenheit) and lower 60’s – it was perfect, especially for two people walking up and down long staircases and through hidden alleys to get from one side of town and back again. I would hate to do that on a hot and humid day in south Texas.

Drama MamaThis photo was me just being silly – like a cover of some dramatic novel – Dad is actually talking to another friend we made in Scotland who was staying at the same Bed and Breakfast and went on the same tour of the Highlands with us. We had a great time with her and after meeting her I decided I needed to take a trip to Quebec where she lives some day. Dad and I also have the same taste in clothes? We both own red Columbia rain coats.

I would recommend taking a trip with your parents or parent – or someone you have adopted as a parent – because you will create a deeper bond by memories made together and the stories you share about your past life.

It was almost three weeks before I returned home to my fiance and back to wedding planning.

Pre-MarriageNow, I’m a married mother of one who just bought tickets to Costa Rica.

I am now trying to convince other family – mother, in-laws, aunts and cousins that they should come too. Time to make more memories – in a new place – with more people I love.

Celebrate life – take a trip!

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