Soggy Diapers, Hugs and Kisses

A friend asked me the other day, “what kind of things do you do?” Because I’m frequently behind on projects and I’m sure they want to help, I had a difficult time explaining why – because it honestly feels like each day passes so quickly I can’t remember what I did.

BebeToday, I decided to keep a mental list of all the things I did. My infant child needs the bulk of my time. I choose, to spend the majority of my day, reading him books and explaining all the things that I am doing, I sit and kiss his sweet face over and over again.  I make silly sounds that make him laugh. Over and Over again.

Playing ShyToday – during his early afternoon nap – I decided to run to the store to pick up more items to help my organize my life. Let me tell you downsizing takes a lot of patience and time, but it always feels good.

I left the sleeping baby in bed, in the house with my mother and my youngest brother, who is thirteen. I told him to get mom if the baby woke up and I would be home soon. It didn’t take me long to get to the store and back without the extra time it takes to haul around an infant. Sweet blessed time to shop alone!!!

Yummy foodWhen I returned home, my thirteen year old brother was clipping the baby into his new highchair and about to feed him.  He turned towards me and said, “I couldn’t find the cloth diaper stuff, so I just put on a disposable, he peed on part of his clothes, so I had to look for his clothes…he was crawling all over the floor with no diaper on, but It’s all under control now. I was just about to feed him.”

eat it kidDownstairs I found a wet cloth diaper sitting on the shelf next to the changing station and laughed, poor guy. I later asked my mom if my brother told her about the baby and she said, “no.” I thought it was really sweet of my brother to take care of the baby.  What a natural.

It tastes different when mommy does it

I spent the rest of the afternoon fixing food, followed by two or three Youtube videos on how to crochet fingerless gloves – because I’m picking up a new hobby I recently learned from my best friend’s mother.

Happy BoyI would say, I have very little time for working on projects just for me, because I choose to entertain and play with my baby. Being a mom is awesome and I’m so grateful for the opportunity for motherhood. It’s not what I expected.

I have just enough time to write this post – during his second nap.

Anyway, just a small post about what I do. Hang around an 8 month old, ignore the world and watch him learn about life. Life is good.


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