Forming A More Perfect Union: Marriage

EngagedI was reading again – I’m always reading in the evenings after baby goes to bed – it was talking about PEACE, UNITY and OTHERS – be it, your marriage, your extended family, or the community you live in. It was given by a university trained scientist and now full time servant of God, Henry B. Eyring.

Black and WhiteLook at us… perfect couple, right? Or do you see black and white side by side?

WaveI would say, Dan is predictable and constant when it comes to his personality.

When we went to a restaurant that allows you to draw on the floors, he drew “the wave” – his trademark wave – and he was done, ready to eat. I on the other hand, wrote out my name and then started drawing abstract lines and colors around it. Original work of artThe drawing was original – never been done before – unpredicted. Much like my personally.

I sometimes think of my husband and I as, “Dog and Cat” wondering where our similarities lie.

We have been focusing on building more unity in our home/marriage – because we can not build unity for our community or the rest of humanity – if we do not first have it in our home.

HmmmmElder Henry B. Eyring said, “A man and his wife learn to be one by using their similarities to understand each other and their differences to complement each other in serving one another and those around them.”

Do we have similarities?


Can we complement each other? Every day.

Can Dogs and Cats living together get along? probably, but we are not really dogs and cats.

Dogs and Cats

Life is work and if it doesn’t seem hard some days, then maybe you are not taking the opportunities to improve (I said, SOME DAYS – not everyday).

I don’t like becoming complacent and I always feel like I can improve myself, so marriage and motherhood are great for me.

What I happen to love about my husband is his laid back personality that continues to love me when I’m cranky; much like a dog would to a cat.

Elder Eyring continues to speak about a broader unity – outside of marriage – by saying, “In the same way, we can unite with those who do not accept our [LDS church] doctrine but share our desire to bless the children of our Heavenly Father. We can become peacemakers, worthy to be called blessed and the children of God.”

It is my dream, to one day live in a world where individuals choose peace and unity with mankind.

trying to be

It may look like chaos, but we are trying our best to be good people and sometimes that is accepting failures, forgiving and trying better next time.

We the People [Dan and Katie] in order to form a more perfect union, will keeping trying and never give up – to infinity and beyond. Huzzah.

Still Engaged

Hello there AmeriCanadian friend taking our photo – speaking of unity – we love our Canadian neighbors – but most especially her.

One thought on “Forming A More Perfect Union: Marriage

  1. I love that quote by Henry B. Eyring! Such great insights . . . We all have to do our part, but working with someone always makes it more fun and entertaining : ) LOVE YOUR PICS!

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