Saddling Up Anyway


There is a small plate on my Dad’s office desk that has a picture of The Duke [John Wayne] that has a quote, “Having courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

I’m inspired by the many people in this world who have taught me how to “saddle up.” I see courage as a choice that billions of people around the world make everyday.

I read news articles, blogs and watch documentaries that illuminate people’s daily show down with courage.

I personally know people who have lost a child, a sister, a friend and they wake up everyday and keep moving forward – not moving on – moving forward. It is courageous to move forward when your heart is shattered.

I know people overwhelmed with work, school, health problems that meet each day with true grit. They don’t stay in bed weeping that life is too hard to face.

I once took care of a 22 year old former runner that lost the use of his legs. He was the most determined patient – barely standing and pushing his walker around the hospital unit with his foley cather and bag hanging in front for everyone to see his imperfection – he put those 50 year old bed ridden by their own lack of “gumption to succeed” to shame.

I think, when during the times of our greatest weakness , “imperfections” hanging like a banner for the whole world to see we are courageous and make weak things strong.

We can empower each other by not hiding our weakness and by allowing others to help us and by reaching out to others.

Some days, you just need to buy yourself some flowers to help you keep moving. Consider this your personal flower delivery – keep your chin up.


One thought on “Saddling Up Anyway

  1. You are so right! Sometimes I feel like I just really can’t face the day, but then I think about all of the things that other people are going through and I realize that my problems aren’t nearly as hard to bear as theirs. We have to make our weaknesses strengths. : )

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