What Does Thermodynamics Got To Do With Flatulence?

Let me put my nerd cap on for just a minute. I am “just” a stay at home mom – best darn job I have ever had – so if I get the urge to think about my past academic life, please oblige me?

Ears So Cute

Why is thermodynamics and flatulence on my mind today? Well, we have eaten navy beans and ham the last two days…and, the baby has gas.

What Me?

The baby always has gas – I love it when he squeaks one out.

So Cute

It also just so happens that I discovered WHY humans fart at the beginning of my Biochemistry class – that wasn’t part of the lecture – but the idea occurred to me during the lecture….just a few days before my first date with my future husband, where I proceeded to enlighten him on why humans fart. Classy.


“Life Obeys the Laws of Thermodynamics” – “Life persists, because a system (a living organism) [YOU AND ME, we are “living organisms”] can be ordered at the expense of disordering its surroundings to an even greater extent.”


We eat food – we take from our surroundings and place into our system – now Our bodies achieve order by “disordering (breaking down) the nutrients they consume.”

Cheerful Boy

We generate heat and work when we eat – and that heat goes somewhere or should I say escapes from somewhere; sometimes as a burp.

My baby burps.

snotty nose

Does Thermodynamics explain snotty noses too? The cold is moving through the house…along with our crawling baby.

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