Monday’s Sweet [Sixteen] Ride

I know a very lovely young woman who is sixteen years old today –


Birthday Ride
Birthday girl wearing Minion beanie, holding purple cupcake and a dozen white roses! Sitting on Tia’s lap, in front of Laney and Nicole.

The plan was to: Borrow a 15 passenger van, write out riddles that describe over a dozen individuals who will each be holding a cupcake for the birthday girl, confuse the birthday girl so she wont know what is happening until it happens, pick up around a dozen people throughout the southwest Missouri hills (within an hour’s drive) holding said cupcakes and drive into the city with a van load of best friends to celebrate one sixteenth birthday.

The Boys sitting in the back - where it was younger brother and his buddy Blake.
The Boys sitting in the back – where it was warmer….my younger brother and his buddy Blake.

My husband and I decided to buy the birthday girl a car for her sixteenth birthday – because we are cool like that – so we stopped in the Hot Wheels section of Walmart’s toy area and the hubs picked out his dream car, a ’68 El Camino.

The Husband's dream car...maybe not his dream color
The Husband’s dream car…maybe not his dream color

“It’s like a car, but it’s a pick-up.” You’re not fooling me cowboy.

Business in front, party in the back?
Business in front, party in the back?

I first said, “yuck,” but it was a sparkly purple and I like sparkly purple, so we bought it. She is so lucky.

I’d say, birthday girl is getting a sweet ride today – The El Camino, not just a van full of best friends and cupcakes – I also thought a dozen white roses would be nice, so we picked those up too.

The party planner, riddle writer, driver, baker and wallet holder? Maddie’s Mom Rebecca

I didn’t catch a photo of van number two with the cupcake delivery driver – Andrea – who drove a few minutes ahead each stop delivering cupcakes.

Waiting on Maddie

The birthday van got started a bit later than we had planned on originally and my baby got fussy with the wait, so birthday girl missed seeing him. He had to go down for a nap, but he had fun waiting.

Playing with someone's heart....
Playing with someone’s heart….

I got to snap a photo of my fifteen year old brother after I dropped him off at his surprise spot, what a cutie.

Waiting on Maddie's Party Wagon
Waiting on Maddie’s Party Wagon

Brother got home late tonight after a long day with his buddies and told me it was EPIC.

Ah Yeah
Ah Yeah

I’d say, mission accomplished for a Sweet Sixteen.

[It was totally the El Camino.]

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Sweet [Sixteen] Ride

  1. IT WAS SO GREAT! I’m sad I missed seeing your baby, but I was so glad you guys were there and I love my car and my roses : ) It was a pretty EPIC DAY! I had so much fun with all my friends and really enjoyed just talking and laughing together : ) Yeah, I’m glad He got to come with us and I’m sorry it was such a long wait, but it wouldn’t have been the same without him : ) Thanks for making my SWEET SIXTEEN SO AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. It was a pretty awesome day, although, Becca set a pretty high standard for the rest of us parents and siblings who have our own 16 in 2013 parties to plan! 😀

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