An Anniversary Of Sorts

Daddy and BabyJanuary 22 was the day of my husband and I’s first date. It’s kinda of an interesting story.

I happened to mention rock climbing to Dan one week after church and he said he was “game” anytime. I worked two jobs, went to school and had a busy church calling, so I wasn’t sure when I would have time, but I hoped that it would happen “someday.”

funny daddy

Almost two weeks after mentioning rock climbing to Dan, I had a dream about him – which made me feel super weird inside. In the dream, Dan was looking at me and he said very clearly, “we are compatible.” I woke up immediately after I saw this and my first thought was, “that was so weird.” I got out of bed and got ready for my hospital shift. I got to work early, which was atypical for me, and went into the office to find out which patients I was working with for the day – I was told I wasn’t on the schedule and then to find out – I was on the schedule, but they were over-staffed for the day and sent me home….which was atypical too.


I ran errands before returning home and then got on my laptop to check emails. I had an email from a friend telling me about a groupon for the rock climbing gym – it was an incredible deal – and it was a Thursday – who did I know that wasn’t at work in the middle of the day on a Thursday? Eight in the morning and I send a text to Dan, inviting him to go with me.

A few minutes later, he texted me back.

We went climbing in a rock gym, followed by some delicious Korean food – I told Dan why people fart and Dan told me about some of the crazy things he’s done – I definitely did not think I had just eaten with my future husband, I thought I had made a new best friend.

water baby

After our lunch, we found an urban skatepark and took a walk around the park next to a river.

Just before he and I parted ways for the day, he asked me if I would ever date a guy who worked at Waffle House, I told him, I would date a guy who had a job.

"You could be a farmer in those clothes." Clueless, the movie
“You could be a farmer in those clothes.” ‘Clueless’

It still didn’t occur to me that he wanted to date me. Clueless.

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