Mary Poppins Takes A Day Off

Chim-chimney chimney...
Chim-chimney chimney…chim chimney chim chim cha-rue. How about you?

I’ve been called Mary Poppins a few times in my life – I generally try to be cheerful  everyday – today the baby had a toenail in his mouth….that’s the kind of day today was. It wasn’t all bad, but I would say I hope I don’t have too many more days like today.

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The kind of day where the morning starts with chaos – and you kindly ask that the chaos be removed to another room. The chaos continues and you kindly ask it to stop or move – again please. It kind of sucks the cheer right out of you when chaos laughs in your face.

This is what crazy looks like, you don't want to see crazy.
This is what crazy looks like, you don’t want to see crazy – again.

I can’t handle chaos very well – that’s when Mary Poppins takes a hike and is replaced by an image of my former self.

A group of strangers taking photos of the windy day. It was a really windy day.
A group of strangers in Edinburgh, Scotland taking photos during a windy day. It was a really windy day, so windy it was blowing their clothes right off!!!

The weather has been windy, and rainy and snowy. SO windy and rainy that this week’s lighting storm took out the internet tower on the hill. Our house went without the internet for a week. I will be cheerful and say, I love receiving moisture for the pastures and I don’t mind bundling up. I have a great love for scarves, hats and gloves. I also don’t mind taking a break from technology, it gives me more time for other projects.

whadda ya tink?

My little mess-maker likes to help me with my projects. He always has good ideas – pulling out everything that he thinks is interesting.

I think I’ll keep him around. He is nice to snuggle – even when he’s cranky.

teething toys

So here is my farewell to the day – and my request that tomorrow’s events will make up for today’s mishaps. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow – in addition to celebrating my husband and I’s anniversary of when we became officially together – February 2nd – Ground Hog’s Day!

I’ll tell you more of that story in tomorrow’s post.

Mary Poppins will return and all it may take is a bag full of mint M&M’s.

One thought on “Mary Poppins Takes A Day Off

  1. I hate those days . . . I usually keep a stash of goodies so when I’m sad or depressed I can just nibble on something sweet to make me feel better : P

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