Photo Journal: A Clinic For Lambs

Some new lambs were born last week and two needed to come into the house for extra care. Here my mom is checking baby lamb’s vitals and fed her some powdered colostrum.
Midwives Don't Just Help PEOPLE Out
Midwives Don’t Just Help PEOPLE Out
The baby lamb seemed to smile after awhile, she loved being warmed and petted.
My baby seemed to think this baby lamb was marvelous!
My baby was less concerned about what he wanted when he saw this baby lamb needed attention.
This is the second lamb who was brought in during the course of one day – this lamb was not attacked, but was one in a set of triplets and seemed to need extra help in surviving the wet, cold first day of her life.
She needed to rest inside all day before she regained the proper strength to stand or “baaaa.”
Eventually that little lamb was up and around in the basement peeing on the floor in no time!
DSC_0599 She met my dog Boy, and he seemed to think she was cute too.
We kept her in every night to make sure she stayed warm. My fifteen year old brother woke every three hours to bottle feed her milk.
Although my mother and brothers did all they could in taking care of this lamb and the other …they both, sadly, passed away within a week. But, as we are all creatures of our God and King, He knows of them – just as He knows of us.

Friday is here again – I’m going to party it up like usual (shaking head no) – the baby, husband and I are planning a camping trip with my family next week. If all goes well, I will have an adventure to tell you about next week.

Wash your hands, keep your hands out of your mouth and don’t use public toilets because they are gross.

3 thoughts on “Photo Journal: A Clinic For Lambs

  1. The pictures where you say the baby lamb seemed to smile and the one where your son seemed less concerned with what he wanted are great. Just loved it!

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