Family Voice: The Certainty In Life

There is one thing that the poorest of China and the Richest Cats in Dubai can not avoid, along with the rest of us bourgeois, death. It silently waits for us all to depart this world.

sitting empty, waiting.
hearse sitting empty, waiting, surrounded by those who have come to honor his life and his loved ones.

My family gathered last week to remember my cousin Rex, who was described by his friend and commanding officer Lt Swanson as “an absolute Rock Star at his job.”

Quitters never win.
“Quitters never win.”

I want to be an absolute rock star at my job too.

Seems to me Rex was just following in the footsteps of the loved ones who have passed before him, they were Rock Stars at their jobs too.

Listening to stories about Rex during the last few years of his life made me feel inspired.

I think it’s a natural tendency for human beings to give up when something is hard.

When trials come, it is better to not shrink than to just survive.

Living life to the fullest, Rex decided to not to shrink from the trials of this life. When things got tough for Rex a few years back, he quit smoking and started running marathons.

He died with his boots on - literally.
He didn’t live in the past – he lived for the present and planned for the future – as should we.

He never could stand still.


and neither should we.


Keep moving, keep living, loving, dreaming and doing hard things – never quit.


The other thing I know to be certain is No Man Was Born To Fail.

Rex passed through the trials of this life and didn’t shrink, he died with his boots on.

Isaiah 40: 29-31

3 thoughts on “Family Voice: The Certainty In Life

  1. Hey Katie, I just read about Rex tonight. I’m so sorry…but the words your wrote here are amazing and well thought. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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