Song Lyrics And Movie Lines

When people talk to me, my brain thinks of an old song I used to know, or a movie that I have seen too often.

Baby was given one of Rex's extra ribbons. Here he is showing off with his Auntie C.
Baby was given one of Rex’s extra ribbons. Here he is showing off with his Auntie C.

Remember the movie Sandlot? I watched that movie a hundred times one summer with my best friend. There is one scene where The Babe (Baby Ruthie) comes to Bennie “The Jet” Rodriguez in a dream and tells him, “Heroes are remembered, but Legends never die.”

looking at all the shiny medals bound for Rex's shadow box.
looking at all the shiny medals bound for Rex’s shadow box.

Why can’t we be heroes and legends Babe? Huh?

Well, cool your jets, I’m here to tell you you can be a hero and a legend.

Some Heroes do Legendary things.

I just found out that one of my cousins is working for the corporate office of The Circle K gas station convenience stores.

The first thing I asked her?

“Excuse me, do you know when the Mongols ruled China?”

It’s from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in a scene where Bill and Ted are trying to work on a history project in the parking lot of the Circle K gas station.

She is holding on
She is holding on.

Ted asks that question to a Circle K employee who is trudging through the parking lot, to which the employee, who looks to be named”Flo” or “Sue” replies,

“I don’t know, I just work here.”

My favorite thing to say when someone asks me something I don’t know the answer to.

What a gem.

Where else do I get my priceless movie quotes?

The Land Before Time.

I wouldn’t recommend watching any of the Land Before Time movies except the first one (what are they up to ten, eleven LandBeforeTime films?).

My cousin Laura's daughter M.
My cousin Laura’s daughter M.

A little green dinosaur, ‘Duckie’, repeats a phrase in her little voice, which is a infantile crowd pleasing thing to do, “yep, yep, yep.” My Nana loved to say that movie quote, “yep, yep, yep” with every single grandchild and I also hear my Aunties use that same phrase to this day. I can’t imagine how many times Nana watched that movie with her clan of grandbabies.

Grandad, "the Tenant", with my baby.
Grandad, “the Tenant”, with my baby.

Just posting this photo of my Grandad makes me think of the phrase, “go ahead, make my day…” to quote Clint Eastwood. I wouldn’t say Grandad was a huge Eastwood fan, but I would say in a show down between my 84 year old Grandad and Clint Eastwood, if Grandad said those words to Dirty Harry…my money is Dirty Hairy would poop his pants and crawl away with his sombrero pulled over his head before messing with Grandad.

Da Whip
Da Whip is showing Da little Whip a memory album made to remember Nana.

My family is full of a bunch of tough guys who are also goof balls – is that even possible? If a hero can be a legend in my book, a tough guy can be a goof ball.

These tough guys are softies too…

This is the part of my post where I refrain from quoting the movie, “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar” We can’t talk about the softer side of tough guys here. But I can tell you that “Godzilla breathe” is real and alive around here.

The Grundler Family
My cousin Laura’s family from Texas. I can’t think of Billy Joel, without thinking of my cousin Laura. Since I knew what music was, she was a Billy Joel fan.

The last month, my 11 month son has made his way to the piano in the living room and played daily. I call him my little piano man, I make up new words to Billy Joel song every time, “play me a song little Wiley man, play me a song today, because I’m in the mood for a melody and you got me feeling this way…”

Baby sings his one note and holds it out, while pounding on three or four piano keys.

Laura's husband Matt and baby T.
Laura’s husband Matt and baby T.

I have been on the look out for things that make me happy. Making up words to real songs, quoting silly movies to people who have no idea what I’m saying,

“They call me Bo Jangles at the office…”

anyone? anyone?

These last few weeks just being near family made me happy. Looking at photos of the last few weeks/days make me happy.

Laura and O.
Laura and O.

Ah, memories.

With all the movie lines stored in my brain, can you believe I have family members who remember more than me?

The brain is miraculous, life is miraculous, so I’m going to seize the day…by finally taking a shower.

“I kinda like that corn chip smell…”

Tuesday pleasantries to you all.

p.s. a reminder that I am not, nor ever was an English major. Please excuse my dear abominable spelling.

One thought on “Song Lyrics And Movie Lines

  1. I love quoting movies. Every time I talk to someone I can always think of a quote : D But being with my family and quoting stuff together is way more fun!

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