It’s Been 84 Years, Here’s What Happened

This beautiful creature is 85 years old, the baby is 11 months.
This beautiful creature is 85 years old, the baby is 11 months.

In the last 84 years there have been so many discoveries and innovation.

Without trying too hard I can think of:

Velcro – “next to The Walkman and Tab, it’s the greatest invention of the twentieth century!” movie line from Girls Just Want To Have Fun, but it true.

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Cell Phones – which have and continue to undergo metamorphous, from the very first cell phone to the newest touch phone/computer/music player…I’m pretty sure my Great Grandparents couldn’t envision such devices.

Tampons – I’m a woman, I think of these type of things. I’m sorry women of the before and early 20th centuries, life was hard and I recognize that. Bravo!

Uncle Kevin, me, Aunt Gail
Uncle Kevin, me, Aunt Gail

NASA – Orbiting the earth, walking on the moon, exploring the universe is something our grade school kids of today take for granted, “yeah, pffft, we walked on the moon, satellites? like, hello? my cell phone has GPS!”

Transportation – trains, planes and automobiles. This encompasses many new modes of transport. In the original Back To The Future film, there was a hover craft…not too far off base from some of the stuff people are creating now, stealth jets, super sonic trains, and speedboats…without which we could not water ski or wakeboard.

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ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction – I know this, because my maternal grandfather, who was born 84 years ago, pioneered ACL reconstruction. He is a brilliant retired orthopedic surgeon and my close friend.

He was born in March 1928, on a poor farm in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. During the Depression, his family didn’t know there was a depression, they were always poor and struggling…life went on as usual.

Grampa White
Grampa White

With hard work, Grandpa White worked his way through college and medical school, eventually graduating from the University of Oklahoma a married man with a baby on the way (my mother). He and Gramma went on to have 5 more children. He started a large and prosperous medical clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



I am grateful for the good examples in my life and thank God every day for my good family. I have been blessed in this life and I recognize that.

Happy Birthday Grampa White. The world wouldn’t have been the same without you in it.



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