Birth Story: Part 1

See the two tennis balls in the lower right corner? My new best friends.

I went into labor around 5 am on April 21, 2012. I could not sleep from the lower back discomfort.

So, I got into the big tub to soak. An hour later, I woke my mom – who is a midwife – to inform her my body was getting ready. I was steadily uncomfortable every 15 minutes.

I put on some eye make-up, because I wanted the first pictures of me and the new baby to look good.

Mama Midwife
Mama Midwife

All day I went from cluttered bedroom to tub, tub to cluttered bedroom…bbbbbrrrr-ing through those contractions waiting for Danny to get back in town from his over night trip.

My mom was busting butt to get the house ready for my birth, brothers were doing ranch work and I was stuck in my temporary bedroom surrounded by most of my earthly belongings – because the downstairs apartment that my parents were building wasn’t finished (and my future dwelling).

Mother called my sister Klara in Houston, Texas to tell her I was in labor. By 10am, sister Klara was on the road with her four little children to try to get to Missouri in time for the new baby.

Birth Assistant Eva
Birth Assistant Eva

My husband finally got home around 2pm to help with the intense back pain.

Every time the back pain hit, two tennis balls where dug into my back – some relief.

Baby was posterior – despite all my efforts to encourage him into a better position – I continued to have terrible back labor.

Danny was doing all he could with the limited experience he had with childbirth (which was none). I’m grateful that he was there when I needed him.

By the evening of the 21st, the birth assistant Eva had come to help me through the contractions. I thought “for sure” this baby would be here any time. Annny time now….seriously, any time.

Eva had just been at a birth earlier in the day with my midwife Mary, she was a saint to come and help me when she did!!

“this sucks…the worst kind of suckiness that there is. When is this pony ride over?” just a guess at my exact thoughts here. More likely, “I can do all things…in Christ.” I don’t know, it’s a toss up.

By 9pm my midwife Mary arrived.

By 10pm my sister arrived.

No baby. Contractions 5 minutes apart and every time I thought my sacrum was trying to burn it’s way out of my backside.


Mary suggested herbs to slow the contractions down so I could get some sleep.

Everyone found a bed for the night, meanwhile, I sat awake most of the night contracting every twenty minutes.

Early morning of April 22nd I was in and out of the tub again to find relief from the back pain.

Did I mention my son was born on April 23rd?

Hello Thursday, thank you for the rain, the grass looks great!

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