Real American Heroes & The Patriot Guard

Sunday before we left Edmond, Oklahoma for rural Missouri, my Auntie C told the family that the Patriot Guard had asked her to meet her in the Walmart parking lot.


She wasn’t sure what was going to happen and neither did we, but we accompanied her to meet with the group just prior to our departure….DSC_1634

this is why I like to carry a camera every where I go.

You never know what you will see or capture.

The group of men and women gathered to remind my Aunt that she and her son, Rex, have not been forgotten. They promise to always remember and that is what the Patriot Guard does, remember.

DSC_1642On an overcast day, they came to give Auntie C some gifts to let her know they will not forget.

First, a gold star flag for hanging in the window.


then, a crocheted quilt that was made by many women across the United States (thanks for the heads up Randy), each square crocheted by a different woman and then crocheted together to make a quilt.

The quilt is inside the star bangled bag….I didn’t get a photo of it.

A star cut from a retired flag

These were all gifts put together by individuals who spend their free time in remembering the fallen heroes of American service, foreign and domestic.

DSC_1671As you can tell by the look on my Aunt Colleen’s face, it was a pleasure to meet with these fine people.

They came up to me and asked how I knew the young man, “he’s my cousin.”

I admire folks who take the time away from doing things for self to reach out to families who are hurting.

DSC_1674No doubt they enjoy riding together as friends and I’m sure they enjoy the people they meet, with stories to share.

DSC_1666But they could be meeting somewhere else and for some other reason. I think God looks down on this Patriot Guard and smiles at the service they bring.

Grandad smiled
Grandad smiled, no really, he’s smiling here – it’s in the eyes!

I smiled.


The sum of our life is the people we’ve served, the hearts touched and the things we chose to do with our time.

Maybe a Patriot Guard will be standing sentinel on the “other side” welcoming the fallen soldiers home.

DSC_1652I guess we’ll all find out when our turn on Earth has expired.

In heaven, it may finally be safe for me to ride on one of these things.
In heaven, it may finally be safe for me to ride on one of these things.

To learn more about the Patriot Guard Riders of Oklahoma visit:       or

5 thoughts on “Real American Heroes & The Patriot Guard

  1. It was our honor. I would like to get these pictures to our fb pages, but don’t know how to grab them. One correction, afghan was from across the USA.

  2. Wow, what a nice tribute. We were honored to be there and are humbled by your kind words. Randy, thanks for figuring out how to share this.

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