Costa Rica’s Rainy Season Is Beautiful

We found a hotel that I deemed safe for our son to play, but the room wouldn’t be ready until 3 o’clock. Hotel Costa Verde had lockers and several bathrooms (with showers) for guest to use while waiting for a room. We put our luggage in a locker and got dressed for the beach.
P1000089Playa Espadilla sits right in front of the National Park Manuel Antonio.

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Danny had some poison ivy lingering on his arms and legs, so he went into the ocean for his treatment. Danny believes the ocean can heal or help any type of health problem and I don’t disagree with that. The salt water is healthy for lots of reasons and I’m just glad that water isn’t as cold down here as it is in California.

This guy ran all the beach rentals and wanted to show baby how to build a sand castle.
This guy ran all the beach rentals and wanted to show baby how to build a sand castle.

Danny and I took turns watching the baby. 15 minutes back and forth is how it went…for a while.

It is a work out keeping up with baby. Curious George ain't got noth'n on or son.
It is a work out keeping up with baby. He is Mr Curious.

Although it was a cloudy day, I was slathering sun block on myself and the baby. I asked Dan if he wanted some, he declined because it was a cloudy day….I grew up in southern California and I knew better what could happen on a cloudy day at the beach.

P1000085Guess Who Got Sun Burned?


After I was beached out, we found a place to eat up the hill from our hotel.

just in case you miss the food in the US, you're in luck....
just in case you miss the food in the US, you’re in luck….

El Wagon was our go – to restaurant in Manuel Antonio, because it was a short walk and they make incredible fish wrap (mahi-mahi) and delicious nachos.

Every time we sat down in the out door dining area, I kept thinking up our dream home and how I wanted an open eating area with mosaic floors.

(since a sixth grade visit to the J Paul Getty Museum I have been in love with mosaics).

I loved the Costa Rican thunder storms that passed through.

Danny and I agreed that the Rainy Season was a great time to visit Costa Rica. The rain didn’t hamper our trip in any way. The foliage was a vibrate green and the clash in temperature created a mist, that rain forest mist, that US Zoos fail to really capture.

This is what my ideal kitchen area looks like.

I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo many times….and Costa Rica’s Rain Forest wins hands down.

see the mosaic floors?
see the mosaic floors? Love.

The other upside to rain? Baby boy loved getting wet. He might be screaming because we wont let him run into traffic, but when we pick him up and walk in the rain, the boy is happy.

P1000107When he is happy, we be happy.

Finally, nap time.
Finally, nap time.

Our room was finally ready and I was ready…for a nap.

P1000114The view was beautiful. I love a moody sky and the sun was out by morning.

Enjoying the small things.
Enjoying the small things

While I rested on the bed, with our air conditioner on, our son found the broom and dust pan and started another party of his own.

He wore himself out.

One thought on “Costa Rica’s Rainy Season Is Beautiful

  1. It has rained a lot here and I love it as long as it’s not too much, but it sounds like I need to visit Costa Rica in it’s rainy season : P

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