Once Upon A Tantrum….

Generally my son looks like this

Happier times...
Happier times…

He will coax anyone who will listen to take him outside and he will stay there all day. I’m fine with that, usually I’m that person who takes him outside all day….

Melt Down
Melt Down

Until nap-time. That’s when the sirens start wailing.

P1000493In an effort to be a good mom, I used to let him stay up until he crashed mid-day, because I didn’t like to hear him scream.

I was afraid of being a bad parent.

P100049517 months is how it took for me to realize I don’t really care what he wants.. I know what he needs.

“cry me a river…cry me a river…” You said it JT

I got a college education to stay home and listen to this?
I got a college education to stay home and listen to this?

Before I had children I was afraid of a few things.

Afraid of being pregnant

Afraid of being a bad mom

Afraid of not having time for the things I like to do


I was right about the pregnancy thing, it was ugly..I was ugly.

I don’t have as much time for the things that I want to do now, but I do get some time to myself.

I was totally wrong about being a bad mom.  My mother told me I was an excellent mom and she should know, being a mother of eight, she’s an expert.

It’s Monday, let’s find our party hats, we have reason to celebrate another day.

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