Creating The Land Of OZ…Takes WORK.

What have we been up to? Me specifically, the same ol same ol, just raising my son.

But I have done a few extra things.P1000509I burned the heck out of my fingers with a hot glue gun.

It's only 9 o'clock! Why are they sleeping?!
It’s only 9 o’clock! Why are they sleeping?!

I volunteered to make 10 Winkie hats from scratch. Winkies, ya know? those creepy ‘Oh-we-oh, Oh-oh’ chanters from the Wizard of Oz…who work for the witch?

Look, Dan helped too
Look, Dan helped too

With 180 kids in costume (40 munchkins), the director had a pile of sewing, painting, building, glueing, organizing…etc to get done,..burnt fingers over 10 hats was the least I could do.

my munchkin
my munchkin

The director Rebecca slept at the theater a few nights getting projects done, my mom and younger brothers stayed late (2/3am) several nights getting things painted.

P1000519Actually, my mom painted…it’s my belief that my brothers mostly went to keep the director’s girls entertained in between doing their jobs.

Rebecca's girls
Three of Rebecca’s girls…and my baby brother Konnor

Oh, I’m sure my brothers did some work…

P1000524but, it probably wasn’t painful to spend hours at the theater with friends into the wee hours of the night.

That’s all I’m trying to say. That’s all.

P1000525Those girls are really good about entertaining my son while I do a little something here and there.

P1000527I was a little frightened by how much work I saw that needed to get done the night before dress rehearsal…which is the night before opening night.

I call this look, greasy fab.
I call this look, greasy fab.

Then I thought of Tim Gunn, from Project Runway….

“make it work”

Everything will be alllllright.

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This little guy has been trying to climb into my neck while I typed out this post.

I love him so much.

One thought on “Creating The Land Of OZ…Takes WORK.

  1. Long hours at the theatre are the best especially when you have friends to keep you entertained! It’s always more fun when you all come to help us out! Thanks for making so many good memories!!!!!

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