TING – A New Frisbee Game! Check It Out

The Peterson family invented a [family] game called ‘TING’, which originated on an outdoor basketball court.

Really this game was played in the dark!
Really this game was played in the dark!

There are two teams and two bases (the pole that the basket sits atop of).

It is like ultimate frisbee, in that, when you have the frisbee in your hand, you can’t move your feet. After the frisbee is thrown, you can run and jump around again.


The Peterson’s started calling the game ‘TING’ because of the sound the frisbee made when it hit the pole – ‘TING’ game point!

That’s what happens when you play TING on a Sunday after church…usually she is dominating in gym shorts.

So, when a few families gathered for a birthday dinner – the after dinner games were inevitable.

A small group played Pinochle, others basketball.

Dan guarding his goal
Dan guarding his goal

I started tossing the frisbee with one of the girls, which turned into a group tossing the frisbee, which ended in a large group playing TING…that’s when I stepped out for my pocket camera.

Juliet and my boy.
Juliet and my boy

Somehow, I and the original frisbee thrower ended up sitting in the warm living room, while TING was being played.

I got the fun started, my work here is done.


So, imagine our surprise, when Dan opened a fortune cookie and we saw the word TING!

TING in Mandarin (right?) means, ‘to hear’ and JiaTing means ‘Family’

Birthday Gril
Birthday Gril 

WHAT?! A family game, invented [by a family] and named from the sound they heard after scoring!



P.s. I love languages.

2 thoughts on “TING – A New Frisbee Game! Check It Out

  1. Whatever you are probably better than me . . . I just had to show off my mad frisbee skills . . . It’s probably my favorite sport now and it’s even better when I get to play with my best friends : D

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