How To Do Halloween For Free – Psych.

I have absolutely no money for frivolous things at the moment – like halloween costumes…and even if I did, there wouldn’t be anywhere to wear one.

All the people I know kinda have other things going on in their life – so no time for parties – they are busy homeschooling, producing musicals and running the family farm/ranch to host adult/family costume parties.

I think most of rural America is busy with life.

I always looked forward to Halloween, as it is the only day of the year that adults in costumes isn’t looked upon as immature or obnoxious (unless, in my opinion, you are dressed like a [                ] – come on, have some self worth – be creative!!).

I like costumes that have themes – group costumes always get my top vote.

Since I wont be going to any parties this year and you wont know the difference (wink) whether I wore it or not:

Here are two themed costumes I picked out for my family this year:

Yeah, he looks good in spandex, and it doesn’t hurt that he and Reeves have the same height and weight! It’s a perfect match! (aside from the hair color)
I’m Lois Lane…but hopefully a little less clueless about the man behind the glasses.
Our little camera man – Jimmy – my right hand man

and if I had money for the real deal – spurs and all – we would be:

Sunny, Happy Day and little Neddy
Sunny, Happy Day and little Neddy

See, pretty rad costume and it didn’t cost me a penny!

Monday – what a good day to plan a trip.


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