In Case You Didn’t Know

I enjoy reading Facebook friends lists of “Things you didn’t know about me” and like my friend Lindsay said, “who doesn’t love talking about themselves?”

Here is my list of things you may not know about me:

The first boy I ever had a crush on – circa 1989/1990 San Diego, CA – was blue eyed, blonde haired, tanned skinned and the “strong, silent” type. Which are physical attributes that I would give to my husband.

The second boy I had a crush on – circa 1992, Mechanicsburg, PA  – was a black kid named Lisbon.

The last time I pooped my pants, I was 12 years old. I was visiting my grandparent’s cabin in Truckee, CA. The opposite side of the mountain was on fire and all the homes were evacuated. Grandma took us to a park to play. So, it’s not like I had ready access to a bathroom.

When I was about 10, I decided that I was going to be the mother of 15 boys (Scott, Mark, Sean, Jeremy, Jimmy, John, Jesse, Peter, James, Luke, David, Keegan, Joe, Matt and Bob). Ever since, my mother would tell people about my 10 year old fantasy and make me recite my names for strangers. So far, I have a little boy named James…14 more to go. (I was ten people – TEN!)

I used to sing all the time, but after years of NOT protecting my voice, vocal cords have been damaged. So, I still sing, but it hurts afterward, sometimes for days. Kind of a bummer. Protect your voice singers!!!!

I was a late bloomer – I never felt the need to have a boyfriend in high school or college – but most of my friends in college were guys.

I am not a morning person – I don’t want anyone to talk to me, look at me or even make noise in the nearby vicinity. Now I teach early morning seminary.

Most of my baby molars/canine teeth were pulled out by a dentist. I don’t like the dentist, and I haven’t seen one since early 2001.

I brush my teeth after every time I eat/drink something that isn’t water.

I have flawless skin and I rarely wash my face before bed.

On that note, I have to put on clean undergarments before bed. I can go to bed with a dirty face, but not the underwear I’ve had on all day!!!!

I can entertain my mind for hours with nothing but my imagination – I’m constantly telling myself stories – some new, some are continuing stories I have started long ago. I don’t have multiple personalities, but sometimes characters talk to me/tell me the story. I’m never bored.

I love people. People are really important to me. I sincerely care about how people are feeling or why they are the way they are – why they live the way they live. I think about people I’ve only met once and wonder where they are in life. I think about people I knew for a short time and wonder how they are and if they are happy. I genuinely wish people happiness.

My family members are the most important people in the world to me.

I’ve studied Spanish, some Italian and a little Russian. I would like to be fluent in five languages before I die.

Although I care about people – when it comes down to what people think of me – I’m more concerned about what God thinks of me.

I am allergic to wheat, soy, peanuts, eggs and milk. I sometimes eat them anyway, because I love them. I’m also allergic to all animals, rag weed, yada, yada…

I’m not allergic to poison ivy. Which, ironically, my husband, who is allergic to nothing, is allergic to poison ivy. (It’s okay Danny, even Superman had a weakness).

There are loads of things about me that people don’t know – but I think this list is sufficient.

Happy Monday.

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