Hello December, I’m Still Thinking Of Things I’m Grateful For

This Christmas season I want to focus on being grateful for what I have

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Of course I have a mental list of things I would like, but it’s the kind of list that carries over a span of ten years…or a lifetime.


So, most of the things on my “list” are a “someday I’d like.”

Turkey Bowl

A few of things I’ve been grateful for lately:

I’m grateful that I still have a few friends in Tulsa, where we spent our Thanksgiving with family, so my husband and brothers had somewhere and someone’s to play football with before our thankful feast.

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and I’m thankful for a vehicle…where Wiley and I spent most of our time during the nippy football games, in side, staying warm.

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I’m grateful to spend time with family and that said family is willing to be my photography test subjects.

my son and niece.
my son and niece.

I’m grateful for essential oils – yeah, I know not what you were expecting next.

but personally, essential oils have helped me tremendously.

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I am so grateful for modern things most people in the first world take for granted,

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showers, warm water, washing machines, indoor plumbing in general, comfortable mattresses and more than one pair of shoes.

My youngest brother carrying my husband...who is at least twice his own weight.
My youngest brother carrying my husband…who is at least twice his own weight.

I’ve got options in my closet – compared to the majority of people in the world – I’m over flowing in options when it comes to clothes, shoes and embarrassingly hats, gloves and scarfs.

mine, mine, mine. Grateful for my husband and son.

I’m glad that my parents made the time and effort, regardless of where we lived (California or Pennsylvania) to visit extended family in the mid-west when I was a child.


I’m grateful for the family I see often and the ones who I don’t see regularly.

My mommy
My mommy

I love beautiful things, in the form of art, music, dance, architecture and nature.


Every season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall have beauty in them.

My cousin Anna and nephew Samwise
My cousin Anna and nephew Samwise

I used to hate the brown and deadness of winter, but I’ve come to appreciate so many things about brown grass.

ready to eat...
ready to eat…

The first being the greenness of the evergreens is amplified and I might never have noticed had the grass and other trees stayed green always.

Brother-in-law, nephew and my son.
Brother-in-law, nephew and my son.

I don’t enjoy cooking, which makes me especially grateful for people who do like to cook.

post dinner nap for the food prepers.
post dinner nap for the food prepers.

I also love that Subway restaurant has a drive through.  For a mother of a small child, things like a drive through make a huge difference. I might never have come to appreciate this had I never become a mother.


I’m grateful for sheepskin boots, some people think they are yucky and tacky, but if you lived in a cold climate…you’d appreciate warm boots too.


I’m grateful for a healthy body. I love to take walks and swim. I enjoy water sports and climbing. Some times we take things like “walking” for granted.

dish duty
dish duty

I don’t ever want to take things for granted. I used to take many things for granted and I sometimes still do.


But it is my goal in life to live with gratitude for all I have and not waste my life wishing for more.

“Live with a spirit of thankgiving and you will have greater happiness and satisfaction in life.” (For the Strength of Youth)

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I wish you all a great Thursday, be it a day of freezing rain or sunshine and waves.

Selfie fail...but here is the dress I made!
Selfie fail…but here is the dress I made!

try, try again

I love my Nikon.  THANKS GRANDAD - a wedding gift that keeps on giving!!!
I love my Nikon. 
THANKS GRANDAD – a wedding gift that keeps on giving!!! Yeah, still can’t see the dress, oh well…

As for me and the rest of the mid-west, we are in for a lovely day of below freezing temps and empty bread shelves at Walmart.

Peace and love to all.


Oh yeah, opening for the musical “A Christmas Carol” is tonight…I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be a packed house. But the show must go on. Did I mention I’m playing a lead role? True story.

4 thoughts on “Hello December, I’m Still Thinking Of Things I’m Grateful For

    1. Katinana, it’s the beauty in each other we are attracted to. I must admit, it’s nice to be both beautiful inside and out, wouldn’t you agree? Or should I say, I’m a beautiful work in progress 🙂 stay warm! Much love to you and Curtis!!

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